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Basic Sayu Mechanics

Attack Attributes

  • Gauges
    • Windwheel roll: 1GU Anemo
  • Energy Generation
    • Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick generates 2 anemo particles. - Nass008#8577
    • Windwheel Roll generates 1 particle per proc with a 3s ICD for particle generation. - Nass008#8577
    • Sayu can do a hold E into an instant kick for 3 particles - DeFault#1802
    • Sayu's particle generation timer on roll does not reset after E is finished. - DeFault#1802
  • Blunt?
    • Sayu's Roll doesn't shatter - Mcpie#8672
    • Tap E and Burst don't shatter (Cast damage and Daruma damage). - 채z#0007

Skill Mechanics

  • Sayu's roll is affected by movement speed buffs. - Hikaru#8338
  • Sayu's roll snapshots 1 2 - chae#0720
  • Sacrificial does not proc on hold E Windwheel hits, it can only proc on Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick - Steph#3614
  • Sayu's Elemental Skill can be used at 0 stamina, and does not consume nor gain any stamina during the roll. - EdisonsMathsClub#6469
  • Absorption Priority is: Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo - 채z#0007
  • If Sayu gets frozen while rolling, she will still deal Windwheel damage - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu is capable of ice bridging if her roll is infused with cryo. - Dunkingson#9351
  • Sayu's Hold E follows standard ICD (3-hit/2.5s) - sigurd#3854
  • Sayu has separate ICD on anemo application for her Windwheel Roll and Whirlwind Kick. - DeFault#1802
  • Sayu Hold E can be cancelled out of by...
  • Sayu's E roll keeps on rolling if you want to answer or write a message. Finally a way to perform "autowalk". Works in coop as well. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's roll E kick performs autotarget during unroll. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's roll continues during cinematics. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's kick onto a crystal ore will make it require only 3 more hits rather than 4. - Mcpie#8672

Burst Mechanics

  • Sayu can absorb pre-fed particles during her elemental burst animation - Nass008#8577
    • Works for both Tap and Hold E
  • The summoned Daruma can be pushed around by characters or enemies, also moving its healing/attack range. - pox#1832 and Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's Elemental Burst snapshots. - Nass008#8577
  • Sayu's Elemental burst can reach Venti's ult & hit consistently. - 채z#0007
  • The Daruma works the same way as Guoba - Mcpie#8672
    • Doesn't light up in elemental sight, is movable, cannot get infused, etc.
  • Sayu's Burst has separate ICD on her burst's initial hit and Daruma damage ticks - DeFault#1802
    • The summoned Daruma deals 7 ticks of Anemo Damage in a small AoE - Zakharov#5645
    • The Daruma Damage ticks follow standard ICD
    • This means Sayu can swirl 5 times during her burst (1 from cast + 4 from Daruma)\

Passive Mechanics

Passive: Yoohoo Art: Silencer's Secret

  • Passive works even if Sayu is off-field - Mcpie#8672
  • If entities are connected (like crystalflies), then picking them up will always scare the others - Mcpie#8672
  • If entities do not care about the state of other beings, then picking it up next to another one won't startle them - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's passive does not affect coop members - works only for your own party - Mcpie#8672

Constellation Mechanics

Sayu C2 infused kick

By: drunkamphy#7487 Added: 2021-09-25 Discussion
Finding: The stated DMG increase of Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick from Sayu's C2 increases both Anemo Kick Hold DMG and Absorbed Element Kick DMG, by 3.3% every .5s tick
Evidence: Using a Sayu with 80/80 r1 Sac GS, no artifacts (713 atk, 72 em), talent level 1 skill
In the first video, Sayu rolls at 24s, kicks at 26s, and the resulting ~2s roll deals 752 anemo and 263 pyro. In the second video, Sayu rolls at 8s, kicks at 18s, and the resulting ~max length roll deals 1137 anemo and 398 pyro.
Rough napkin maths: base anemo hold kick dmg: 716 base absorbed element kick dmg: 251
2 roll ticks anemo hold kick dmg: 716 * (1 + 2 * 0.033) = 763 2 roll ticks abs elem kick dmg: 251 * (1 + 2 * 0.033) = 267
20 roll ticks anemo hold kick dmg: 716 * (1 + 20 * 0.033) = 1188 20 roll ticks abs elem kick dmg: 251 * (1 + 20 * 0.033) = 416
Video Video
Significance: Wording clarification.
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