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📄️ Sayu

A pint-sized ninja attached to the Shuumatsuban, who always seems sleep-deprived.

Basic Sayu Mechanics


Attack Attributes

  • New frame data - Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675
  • Gauges
    • Windwheel roll: 1GU Anemo
  • Energy Generation
    • Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick generates 2 Anemo Particles. - Nass008#8577
    • Windwheel Roll generates 1 Particle per proc with a 3s ICD for Particle generation. - Nass008#8577
    • Sayu can do a hold E into an instant kick for 3 Particles - DeFault#1802
    • Sayu's Particle generation timer on roll does not reset after E is finished. - DeFault#1802
  • Blunt?
    • Sayu's Roll doesn't Shatter - Mcpie#8672
    • Tap E and Burst don't Shatter (Cast damage and Daruma damage). - 채z#0007

Skill Mechanics

  • Sayu's roll is affected by movement speed buffs. - Hikaru#8338
  • Sayu's roll snapshots 1 2 - chae#0720
  • Sacrificial does not proc on hold E Windwheel hits, it can only proc on Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick - Steph#3614
  • Sayu's Elemental Skill can be used at 0 stamina, and does not consume nor gain any stamina during the roll. - EdisonsMathsClub#6469
  • Absorption Priority is: Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo - 채z#0007
  • If Sayu gets Frozen while rolling, she will still deal Windwheel damage - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu is capable of ice bridging if her roll is infused with Cryo. - Dunkingson#9351
  • Sayu's Hold E follows standard ICD (3-hit/2.5s) - sigurd#3854
  • Sayu has separate ICD on Anemo application for her Windwheel Roll and Whirlwind Kick. - DeFault#1802
  • Sayu Hold E can be cancelled out of by...
  • Sayu's E roll keeps on rolling if you want to answer or write a message. Finally a way to perform "autowalk". Works in coop as well. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's roll E kick performs autotarget during unroll. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's roll continues during cinematics. - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's kick onto a crystal ore will make it require only 3 more hits rather than 4. - Mcpie#8672

Sayu Release Of Hold Skill Counts As Using Elemental Skill

By: _Maxi#1776
Added: 2022-09-05 (v. 3.0)
Last tested: 2022-09-05 (v. 3.0)

Ending a continuous Hold Skill (Sayu or Yelan hE as examples) by tapping E is considered "Using an Elemental Skill" for the sake of 4-Piece Crimson Witch Pyro damage bonus. Letting the Skill end naturally does not.


Continuous Hold Skills have higher potential synergy with effects which stack based on "using an Elemental Skill" as they can stack it twice.

Burst Mechanics

  • Sayu can absorb pre-fed Particles during her Elemental Burst animation - Nass008#8577
    • Works for both Tap and Hold E
  • The summoned Daruma can be pushed around by characters or enemies, also moving its healing/attack range. - pox#1832 and Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's Elemental Burst snapshots. - Nass008#8577
  • Sayu's Elemental Burst can reach Venti's ult & hit consistently. - 채z#0007
  • The Daruma works the same way as Guoba - Mcpie#8672
    • Doesn't light up in Elemental sight, is movable, cannot get infused, etc.
  • Sayu's Burst has separate ICD on her Burst's initial hit and Daruma damage ticks - DeFault#1802
    • The summoned Daruma deals 7 ticks of Anemo Damage in a small AoE - Zakharov#5645
    • The Daruma Damage ticks follow standard ICD
    • This means Sayu can Swirl 5 times during her Burst (1 from cast + 4 from Daruma)\

Sayu Partywide Initial Q Tick

By: naivety | pkach#6934
Added: 2022-09-05 (v. 3.0)
Last tested: 2022-09-05 (v. 3.0)

Sayu's initial Q tick heals all party members.


Note Q doesn't have anything to Swirl in the video, meaning this isn't A1 activating (which is known to be party-wide).
Also note the other Q ticks aren't party-wide, only the initial one is.

Better understanding of Sayu's healing.

Passive Mechanics

Passive: Yoohoo Art: Silencer's Secret

  • Passive works even if Sayu is off-field - Mcpie#8672
  • If entities are connected (like crystalflies), then picking them up will always scare the others - Mcpie#8672
  • If entities do not care about the state of other beings, then picking it up next to another one won't startle them - Mcpie#8672
  • Sayu's passive does not affect coop members - works only for your own party - Mcpie#8672

Constellation Mechanics

Sayu C2 infused kick

By: drunkamphy#7487
Added: 2021-09-25 (v. 2.1)
Last tested: 2021-09-25 (v. 2.1)

The stated DMG increase of Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick from Sayu's C2 increases both Anemo Kick Hold DMG and Absorbed Element Kick DMG, by 3.3% every .5s tick

Using a Sayu with 80/80 R1 Sac GS, no artifacts (713 ATK, 72 em), talent level 1 Skill

In the first video, Sayu rolls at 24s, kicks at 26s, and the resulting ~2s roll deals 752 Anemo and 263 Pyro.
In the second video, Sayu rolls at 8s, kicks at 18s, and the resulting ~max length roll deals 1137 Anemo and 398 Pyro.

Rough napkin maths:
base Anemo hold kick DMG: 716
base absorbed Element kick DMG: 251

2 roll ticks Anemo hold kick DMG: 716 _ (1 + 2 _ 0.033) = 763
2 roll ticks abs elem kick DMG: 251 _ (1 + 2 _ 0.033) = 267

20 roll ticks Anemo hold kick DMG: 716 _ (1 + 20 _ 0.033) = 1188
20 roll ticks abs elem kick DMG: 251 _ (1 + 20 _ 0.033) = 416


Wording clarification.