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📄️ Lynette

A magic assistant of few words, her emotions are as inscrutable as any cat's.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame data - YouTube , YouTube , YouTube , Google Sheets - @soloxcx
  • Particles:
    • Lynette Skill generates 4 particles per use with no ICD - YouTube , YouTube - @soul_fish
  • ICD:
    • Skill has no ICD; Burst anemo has standard ICD shared with initial hit, Absorption applies every other hit (at C0) - @jyro10
    • Lynette's Q coordinated attacks seem to be standard ICD (by C2 hits). - @lunaflaw
      • YouTube - She vaporizes on 1st hit of 1st wave, then on 2nd hit of 2nd wave > 1st hit of 3rd wave >...
  • Lynette's burst doesn't snapshot - YouTube - @mgr_

Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • Stamina regenerates while in Lynette's Pilfering Shadow State from her hold Skill. - YouTube - @shampoobrain

Burst Mechanics

  • Lynette Absorption Mechanics - @bobrokrot, @f99shi

    • Imgur Cryo Pyro Hydro, absorbs Cryo

    • Imgur Pyro Hydro Electro, absorbs Pyro

    • Imgur Hydro Electro, absorbs Hydro

    • The reason this had to be tested in coop is, based on this clip - Imgur, the swirl damage hits the box before the box does its first auracheck, so any test on enemies will depend on whichever swirl the game does first and is not indicative of the real auracheck priority.

    • The absorption priority is Cryo > Pyro > Hydro > Electro

    • It is important to know that although she has the same priority as Anemo Traveler, her burst cannot be used for uses that Anemo Traveler is popular for, such as shredding Hydro AbysS Herald shields, due to the first opening swirl on the box occuring before the auracheck. against an enemy with both Frozen and Hydro auras, due to Simulataneous Reaction Priority, Hydro Swirl will occur first, which will hit the box and make it absorb Hydro before it has time to do its auracheck.

Ascension Mechanics

Constellation Mechanics

C1: A Cold Blade Like a Shadow

  • Lynette's C1 has pull radius of about 6m - YouTube - @mgr_


  • Arkhe: Ousia Enigma Thrust can proc the reset on Sacrificial Sword. - YouTube - @jyro10
  • Neither Lynette's Skill or Burst can Guoba swirl. - YouTube , YouTube - @mgr_