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📄️ Wanderer

A wayfaring figure whose identity is a mystery. He dresses like a mountain ascetic, but he certainly does not act the part.

Basic Mechanics


Attack Mechanics

  • Wanderer's Normal Attacks and A4 will track teleporting enemies. Attacks will only track if they are already locked on to the enemy before teleporting. - emmaus#9072
  • Wanderer can stun the Aeonblight Drake and he gets knocked back mid-air when the it falls. - Zentras#1620
  • If you hug an enemy, both hits of Wanderer's N3 will hit at the exact same frame, which may cause you to lose an A4 proc. Normally there is a short delay in between the 2 hits. - Imgur 1 , Imgur 2 - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Wanderer's Plunge Attack doesn't startle NPCs. - emmaus#9072

Wanderer CA Cancel Mechanics

By: Cyn#0962
Added: 2023-03-11 (v. 3.5)
Last tested: 2023-01-12 (v. 3.3)

The same CA cancelling that enables 14/15 (C0/1) CAs in non-hydro buffed Wanderer Windfavored state also enables extended strings in other combos such as N2C spam.

Previously at C1 10% attack speed, the max N2C combo was thought to be 6N2C N2, but utilizing the same mechanic that enables CA spam, 7N2C can be reached.

7N2C (C1, 10% attack speed) with precise inputs to cancel CA - Video

Replicated for consistency and to show that it was not a one off glitch - Video

6N2C N2 (C1, 10% attack speed) with no precise inputs, just spamming to prequeue N2 as the CA is going - Video

Proof that this is replicable and not pseudorandom/does not require macro - Video

Timing (or semi timing when you start spamming attack input after CA) seems to much more consistently yield 6N2C Burst (with burst actually happening within the Windfavored duration) at C0.

Most other examples have the last CA simply extending the skill window (thus not allowing Burst out of the last CA). This further places some merit in the hypothesis that timing your attack inputs to line up with a specific point in the CA animation rather than just trying to prebuffer inputs as soon as possible yields a faster/more consistent attack string.

This video is C0, 0% attack speed - Video - Aftermath#7658

Wanderer's CA seems to have a special property that allows a precise input cancel to even further cancel it's animation past just prequeueing an attack. This leads to extended string such as 7N2C (with C1) or 6N2C Burst (at C0 with burst happening within the Windfavored duration, thus gaining any infusion properties) being possible, while also explaining how his CA spam is able to reach 14/15 (at C0/C1 respectively).

Skill Mechanics

  • Wanderer's Interruption Resistance is highly increased while in his skill activation. - Raigon#4596
  • Wanderer is immune to being frozen during his Elemental Skill's casting animation (the reaction still happens, but he doesnt get frozen, same behavior as bosses) - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Wanderer's Windfavored state lasts exactly 10 seconds if you stay still or only use normal attacks. - Zakharov#5645
  • Wanderer makes 1 particle on hit during his Windfavored state, with a 2s particle generation ICD - Zakharov#5645
  • The Windfavored state allows Stamina to regenerate in the background. - HowLxxxx#4676
  • Wanderer can move/strafe slowly in any direction while attacking, at no extra Kuugoryoku Points cost. - makeway4pK#3901
  • Wanderer can extend his Windfavored state by performing a Charged Attack just as his Kuugoryoku Points run out. - an odd medium#6288
  • There are large differences in the horizontal distance gained based on how you input sprint during Wanderer's Windfavored state. - an odd medium#6288
    • Worst to best distance gained:
      • Spamming sprint - Video (0:02)
      • Holding sprint - Video (0:17)
      • Holding sprint + tap sprint only at the end for extension - Video
      • Normal flight speed + tap sprint only at the end for extension - Video (0:48)
  • Windfavored state expiry can disrupt the casting of N3. - Hybri#1099
  • Wanderer can generate particles from his Windfavored state and possibly proc A4 if his Elemental Skill was cast while the attack is in the air. - Luna#0188
  • Wanderer can gain more height during his Windfavored state from holding Jump than tapping. This is done by releasing Jump before the ticking consumption for ascending begins. - an odd medium#6288
  • Wanderer's Kuugoryuku Point drain rate while dashing and ascending is dependent on the client's frame rate. A higher frame rate will result in a higher drain rate. - an odd medium#6288
    • Hover: No difference - Video
    • Hold dash: Relevant difference - Video
    • Hold jump (ascending): relevant difference, Hydro Absorption for A1 to reduce initial jump timing's influence on height - Video

Wanderer Can't Bounce On Mushrooms If He Exits Windfavored State

By: Magnus Artifex#8719
Added: 2023-02-16 (v. 3.4)
Last tested: 2023-02-14 (v. 3.4)

When Wanderer exits the Windfavored State and still has Kuugoryoku Points, he won’t be able to bounce on Bouncy Mushrooms. However, if he runs out of Kuugoryoku Points, he will be able to bounce on the Bouncy Mushrooms.


Maybe the state of “falling” after forcibly ending the Windfavored State isn’t actually falling for the Bouncy Mushrooms. Mostly hard and non-fluffy stuff since you don’t bounce.

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Jade-Claimed Flower

  • Wanderer's absorption priority is Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo. - Google Sheet - Bobrokrot#0111
  • Wanderer can absorb Pyro from Guoba for the purposes of his A1. - Trosalio#0420
  • Wanderer’s A1 buff indicators disappear visually at around 5 seconds into the Windfavored state, but the buffs remain. - Magnus Artifex#8719
  • Wanderer's Elemental Skill cast absorbs Elements applied to yourself for his A1, but does not cleanse them. - Bekchi#5115

A4: Gales of Reverie

  • Wanderer's A4 passive trigger and point consumption is client-side. The check for when Wanderer runs out of points is server-side. - an odd medium#6288
    • Upon disconnecting to the internet, the following occurs:
    • Video: Wanderer can proc and fire his A4 arrows. He also continues to drain points and stays in his Windfavored state even with none remaining.
    • Video: Wanderer is able to enter and manually exit his Windfavored state, demonstrating that the act of exiting is not server-side.
  • Wanderer can gain the Descent effect and simultaneously fire off its arrows during a sprint animation. However, he does not benefit from the point reduction, i.e. he spends points to sprint (as this is deducted at the start of his sprint). - an odd medium#6288

Wanderer A4 Arrows Cut-Off

By: an odd medium#6288, Hybri#1099
Added: 2023-02-14 (v. 3.4)
Last tested: 2023-01-30 (v. 3.4)

Wanderer will not fire the wind arrows from his A4 if he dashes more than 590 frames (at 60fps) after entering his Windfavored state.[1] This cutoff frame is not ping dependent.[2]

1. Google Sheets - Frame data
2. YouTube - Test at high ping, showing that arrows still fire only before the cutoff frame. Listed in sheets as Video 3.

You should not dash too late if you wish to fire off Wanderer's A4 arrows near the end of his Windfavored state.


  • Effects that modify the consumption of stamina points do not alter the consumption of Wanderer’s Kuugoryoku Points.
    • While Wanderer is in the Windfavored state and he has Wine and Song equipped, his mid-air dashes triggers the ATK% buff from the weapon's passive. The stamina reduction part of Wine and Song doesn't work on Wanderer's Kuugoryoku Points consumption. - Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3 - Freenek#7777 , Daybreak#0584 , Bobrokrot#0111