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📄️ Kaveh

A renowned architect from Sumeru who perhaps cares a bit too much about too many things. He is an aesthete troubled by reality.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame Counts: YouTube , Google Docs - @kolibri._.

  • ICD - @emmaus :

    • Skill, Burst - No ICD - YouTube
    • Normal Attacks - 3 hits/2.5s - YouTube
  • Gauges - YouTube - @emmaus :

    • Converted NA - 1U
    • Skill - 1U
    • Burst - 1U

Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • Kaveh Skill generates 2 particles on hit. - YouTube - @emmaus

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

A1: An Architect's Undertaking

  • Kaveh Self Heal triggers on the same frame dendro Bloom DMG is registered. The difference between the DMG and heal is applied to Kaveh. - YouTube - @emmaus
  • Kaveh Self heal only occurs if he takes a hit from Bloom, whether shielded or not. He doesn't heal if he dodges the Bloom. Burst i-frames do not prevent healing. - Video with dodging , Video with shield - @emmaus

Constellation Mechanics

C4: Feast of Apadana

  • Kaveh's C4 only applies to dendro cores that were created by him. - YouTube - @ren718.exe