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📄️ Tighnari

A young researcher well-versed in botany who currently serves as a Forest Watcher in Avidya Forest. He is a straight shooter with a warm heart — and a dab hand at guiding even the dullest of pupils.

Basic Mechanics


  • New frame data - Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675
  • New Burst frame data Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675
  • Deprecated frame data:
  • Gauges
    • CA Lv.1, CA Lv. 2 Wreath Arrow, CA Lv. 2 Clusterbloom Arrow, E and Q : 1U - Kolibri#7675
  • ICD
    • CA Lv.1 and CA Lv.2 Wreath Arrow have no ICD, CA Lv.2 Clusterbloom Arrow have 2.5s/4 Hits ICD. - Zakharov#5645
    • C6 Additional CLusterbloom Arrow has no ICD. - Wüolf#3334
    • E has no ICD and Q Tanglevine Shaft and Secondary Tanglevine Shaft DMG have normal ICD. - Zakharov#5645
  • Snapshot - Google Sheets - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Tighnari's E snapshots on activation. Video
    • Tighnari's Q Tanglevine Shaft snapshots when arrows are fired but the Q secondary Tanglevine Shaft is either dynamic or snapshots at individual times when they are created. Video
    • Tighnari's Wreath Arrow snapshots and Clustebloom arrows are either dynamic or snapshots at individual times when they are created. Video

Attack Mechanics

  • Clusterbloom arrows have a small AoE with a radius of 1m. - Video - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Tighnari’s Clusterblooms have a max range before they disappear. - Video - Wüolf#3334
  • If there is no target in range, clusterbloom arrows target where the wreath arrow hit. If there is a target in range, it prioritizes enemies over objects, even if the wreath arrow hits the object. If there are multiple targets, it only targets one of them. - Video - flamescion#9370
  • Clusterbloom arrows move in an upward and backward trajectory before homing towards the target. This can make them hit other objects like walls etc. - Video - flamescion#9370

Aimed Shot Damage Dropoff

By: f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
Added: 2022-10-23 (v. 3.1)
Last tested: 2022-10-23 (v. 3.1)

Aimed Shot damage and GU dropoff is based on the amount of time that the arrow travels in the air.

For the first 0.7s, there is no damage dropoff.
After 0.7s, every 0.05s:

  1. The damage will reduce by 10%, for a maximum of a 90% reduction.
  2. The Gauge Units will reduce by 10%, for a maximum of a 90% reduction.


  1. Imgur: arrow travels for 55 frames (13 frames of dropoff), DMG and GU reduction should be 40%; DMG was reduced from 2006 to 1204, Cryo aura lasted for 8.5s which lines up with the formula (0.6×2.5+7).
  2. Imgur: arrow travels for 50 frames (8 frames of dropoff), DMG and GU reduction is expected to be 20%; DMG reduced from 2319 to 1855, aura lasted for exactly 9 seconds (2.5*0.8+7).
  3. Imgur: 63 frames travel time (21 frames of dropoff), DMG reduction is as expected 70% (2350 -> 705).
  4. Imgur: arrow travels for 96 frames (54 frames of dropoff), DMG was reduced from 2350 to 235, aura lasted for 7s 19 frames which is roughly in line with 0.1GU's duration (2.5+0.1+7=7.25s), proof that DMG dropoff caps at 90%.

Better understanding of Aimed Shot dropoff.

Tighnari Can Paralyze the Aeonblight Drake With 1 Aimed Shot

By: HiddenGhost#2705, pai#3602
Added: 2022-12-17 (v. 3.3)
Last tested: 2022-12-12 (v. 3.3)

Tighnari can paralyze the Aeonblight Drake with 1 Aimed Shot instead of 2, but it has to be a Wreath Arrow (Charge Level 2). It only works when aiming at the bright core in the center of the weak spot on its wing. The Aimed Shot paralyzes one wing, and the Clusterbloom Arrows paralyze the other wing. Sara can also do this, but Ganyu, Yoimiya, Faruzan, and C1 Venti can't.


  • Tighnari: YouTube
  • Sara: YouTube
  • Other special Aimed Shots that don't work: YouTube (credits to f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920 and Casdela#5121 for some of the clips)

With some practice, this method can save a bit of time when fighting the Aeonblight Drake, since charging up a Wreath Arrow after casting Tighnari's Skill is faster than doing it again normally. It allows you to start setting up a rotation while the other wing gets paralyzed and the Aeonblight Drake falls down.

Skill Mechanics

  • Tighnari's E snapshot at activation. - Video - Bobrokrot#0111
  • Tighnari's E produces 3-4 Particles at a ratio of 1:1. - Video - flamescion#9370
  • The fastest that Tighnari's E-CA-CA-CA combo can be executed using a macro is 2:25 seconds, for a total of 145 frames. - Video - flamescion#9370
  • Tighnari E-CA-CA-CA takes roughly 3 seconds when done by a typical player. - Video - Zakharov#5645

Burst Mechanics

  • Doing E - CA before Q (C0) allows you to catch Particles during Burst. - Video - flamescion#9370
  • Doing E - CA before Q allows you to catch Particles during Burst - Video - flamescion#9370

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Keen Sight

  • Tighnari's A1 does not stack. - Video - flamescion#9370

A4: Scholarly Blade

  • Tighnari A4 Benefit From Percentage Based Em Buffs. - Video - Mr. Pillow#0065

Hunter's passive and Tighnari A4 Benefit From Percentage Based Em Buffs

By: Mr. Pillow#0065
Added: 2022-10-14

Hunter's passive and Tighnari A4 benefit from percentage-based EM buffs.


  • Videos:
  • In the first video and the second video Tighnari hits twice with his Level 1 Aimed Shot and twice with his Elemental Burst, respectively, once before and once after Sucrose has triggered her A4. The attached calculations show that the passive of Hunter's Path and Tighnari A4 (both the CA DMG% and Burst DMG% part) benefit from Sucrose A4.

Confirmation that the bugfix introduced with the 3.1 update "Fixes an issue whereby effects gained based on a character's attribute were incorrectly increased" ( is actually true. Better knowledge of how percentage-based effects work.

Constellation Mechanics

C6: Karma Adjudged From the Leaden Fruit

  • Tighnari C6 CA deals 3 Instances of Spread. Video - Wüolf#3334
    • Significance: Tighnari’s C6 Additional Clusterbloom has no ICD.
  • Tighnari C6 E->CA works with BowTae ARCC. - Video and Video - Wüolf#3334
  • Doing an ARCC C6 CA in between E and Q would still let Tighnari get generated Particles during his Burst - Video - Wüolf#3334
    • Significance: A1 Passive can be triggered for 50 extra em before using his Burst while also getting Particles back.