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📄️ Baizhu

The owner of Bubu Pharmacy, who is rarely seen without the white snake named Changsheng. His medicinal knowledge is encyclopedic, and his personal intrigues subtle.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame data - YouTube , Google Docs - @kolibri._.
  • Particles -
    • Baizhu Skill generates 3-4 particles on impact and has no ICD (C1/Sacrificial), trials suggest 1:1 split - YouTube - @soul_fish
  • Gauges and ICD -
    • Baizhu Skill applies 1GU Dendro, ICD appears to be 2s - YouTube - @soul_fish
    • Baizhu Burst applies 1GU Dendro with no apparent ICD - YouTube - @soul_fish

Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • Baizhu Skill mechanics - YouTube - @soul_fish 1 - His Skill does 1 twirl, then returns to him if it finds no target. 2 - If his Skill finds a target, the 2nd and 3rd hits may not cause an enemy to become aggro'd. 3 + 4 - Skill can target the same enemy more than once but always prioritizes a new enemy if it can.
  • Baizhu Skill range is approximately 8 abyss tiles, with the homing range being half that for ~12 total before it fails to find a target (loses 1 hit if initial part does not connect) - @soul_fish
    • YouTube
    • 1 - Standalone travel
    • 2 - pillar marked at 12 tiles
    • 3 - pillar marked at 13 tiles

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Incisive Discernment

  • Most interactions from the on field character to enemies will trigger Baizhu's C2, whether they do damage or not. There is no condition required (e.g., burst is active). The only exception found was Zhongli's shield shred. - YouTube - @_maxi

Baizhu Constellation Mechanics

By: @sailing
Added: 2023-11-20 (v. 4.2)
Last tested: 2023-11-18 (v. 4.2)


  • Baizhu C2 has no observable ICD
  • Baizhu C2 applies 1U Dendro
  • Baizhu skill has no particle ICD even with C1 and Sacrificial Fragments

YouTube , YouTube , YouTube

More information about Baizhu and his Constellations.