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Traveler (Dendro)

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📄️ Traveler (Dendro)

A traveler from another world who had their only kin taken away, forcing them to embark on a journey to find The Seven.

Basic Mechanics


  • Aether frame data (Common) - Kolibri#7675
  • Aether frame data (Dendro) - Kolibri#7675
  • Lumine frame data (Common) - Kolibri#7675
  • Lumine frame data (Dendro) - Kolibri#7675
  • ICDs:
  • Gauges:
  • Q snapshots on cast - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Unbuffed and buffed damage: YouTube
    • Sara's feather buffs DMC in the middle of animation. Buff persists through entire Burst duration: YouTube
    • DMC gets buffed after his Burst, then lamp receives Hydro Transfiguration. Damage doesn't change: YouTube

MC Base ATK Buff

By: Clear_Storm#9388, Khezu#4363
Added: 2022-09-04 (v. 3.0)
Last tested: 2022-09-04 (v. 3.0)

After a certain quest chain in Chapter III: Act I of the Sumeru Archon Quest, the Traveler obtains a Base ATK buff of exactly 3 Base ATK. This buff persists on every Element and is permanent.

YouTube [Archon Quest Spoilers]

For updated stats and calculation purposes.

Skill Mechanics

Burst Mechanics

  • DMC Q ticks:
    • At C0:
      • Every 1.5s without Electro Transfiguration, 9 times in total. - Zakharov#5645
      • Every 0.9s with Electro Transfiguration, 15 times in total. - Zakharov#5645
    • At C2:
      • Every 1.5s without Electro Transfiguration, 11 times in total. - pai#3602
      • Every 0.9s with Electro Transfiguration, 17 times in total. - pai#3602
  • Transfiguration:
    • DMC Q can't be transfigured with auras on characters or enemies, it only transfigures with Elemental attacks. - BlueBery#9054 - Puffin#9920
      • With one exception being enemy Burning aura (the AoE spreading part). - NZPIEFACE#8439
      • Jean's self Swirls resulting from her Q and Bennett's Q can transfigure the Lamp since they are attacks as well. - BlueBery#9054
    • 0-DMG Elemental Attacks can transfigure the Lamp. - Asaki#9139
    • 0-Gauge Elemental Attacks cannot transfigure the Lamp. - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Properties of the extra tick. - pai#3602
    • Transfiguring the Lamp delays the following tick, causing the last tick to hit after 15s (assuming the Lamp timer starts when the first tick hits the enemy).
    • At C2,
      • if Hydro Transfiguration occurs within 0.15s before or 0.37s after any tick, it's 12 times in total (instead of 11).
      • if Electro Transfiguration occurs within 0.87s after the 1st tick or between 1.15s and 1.75s after the 1st tick, it's 18 times in total (instead of 17).
  • AoE:
    • DMC Q spawns ~1m directly in front of MC in whatever direction they're facing, and the radius of its range is ~3 Abyss tiles or 7.65 meters (untransfigured, give or take bc of the scalloped edges of the circle). - Puffin#9920
    • Hydro-Transfigured DMC Q has a radius of ~5 Abyss tiles (12.75 meters; again, rough estimates because of uneven scalloped edges). - Puffin#9920
  • Auras:
    • The Lamp can hold a Cryo aura before it's transfigured. - graphten#1867
    • The Lamp can't hold a Cryo aura after it's transfigured. - graphten#1867
    • While the Lamp has a Cryo aura, it will not transfigure until the aura has been removed/decays. - graphten#1867
    • The Lamp can hold Frozen aura. It can also Shatter from this. - NZPIEFACE#8439
    • Triggering a Superconduct reaction with DMC's Lamp doesn't count as a reaction for Electro Resonance or 4-Piece Instructor. - Luna#0188
  • Damage of the Spreads triggered by DMC's Burst ticks. - mina#4448
    • AdditiveReactionDamage (flat number added to multiplier) is calculated dynamically with respect to DMC's A1.
    • The Spread's total damage is calculated with the snapshotted A4 DMG Bonus% for that Lamp tick.
  • Other Lamp properties:
    • Oz will target an untransfigured Lamp when summoned without other targets. When enemies are present Oz will prioritize the enemies. - TheGaminSeshion#1648

DMC Burst Blooms On Hydro Transfiguration

By: Rathalos#2875
Added: 2023-01-15 (v. 3.3)
Last tested: 2023-01-15 (v. 3.3)

When coming into contact with Hydro, the Lea Lotus Lamp undergoes a Hydro Transfiguration, which simultaneously produces a Dendro Core. As the Lamp holds a Dendro aura, the trigger would always be the source of Hydro application.

Imgur - Bloom deals 84 self damage
Imgur - Proof of Bloom Ownership

  • 1st Bloom (triggered by DMC): 249 self damage
  • 2nd Bloom (triggered by Mona): 84 self damage

Relevant for teams that use the Bloom reaction; generates a Dendro Core without applying Dendro on enemy units.

DMC Q Extra Ticks And App

By: @mr.pillow., @aftermathrar
Added: 2023-06-24 (v. 3.7)
Last tested: 2023-05-05 (v. 3.6)

Dendro Traveler Q extra ticks and application.
(All findings are by Aftermath#7658)

By applying Electro shortly after one of the initial ticks of the Lea Lotus Lamp, it will get a third hit just before 2.5s and have an an extra element application, see the video: YouTube The Dendro application sequence is given by 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0. This is 19 hits and 7 applications compared to the normal 17 hits and 6 applications for an Electro-transfigured Lea Lotus Lamp.

Special tech can allow for an extra Dendro application. This is also evidence for a new upper limit for DMC Burst hits (previous documented was 18).

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Verdant Overgrowth

  • A1 timer starts when the Burst is casted, not when the first tick hits. - pai#3602

A4: Verdant Luxury

  • DMC's A4 doesn't get DMG Bonus% from Sucrose's A4 EM sharing. - Luna#0188
  • DMC's A4 effect on their Burst damage snapshots the EM stat they have when they go off-field and updates it when they come back on-field. - mina#4448
  • DMC's A4 acts like a DMG Bonus%. - Luna#0188

Constellation Mechanics

C1: Symbiotic Creeper

  • DMC C1 generates 3.5 Energy regardless of the number of enemies hit. - Zakharov#5645

C4: Treacle Grass

  • The 5 stacks from C4 are applied to the 2nd tick even if the Lamp is transfigured before the 1st tick, and its timing is independent from regular A1 stacks (which stays 1 per second). - pai#3602

C6: Withering Aggregation

  • Dendro DMG Bonus starts when the Lamp is placed down and ends when it disappears, but it does not apply to DMC's Burst since it snapshots slightly before C6 starts. - pai#3602
  • Hydro/Electro/Pyro DMG Bonus starts as soon as the Lamp is transfigured and ends when it disappears (in the case of Pyro it's about 2 seconds in total). - pai#3602
    • The buff appears on the stat screen and can be snapshotted.


  • DMC snapshots 2 Mistsplitter Reforged stacks on Burst cast. - mina#4448