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📄️ Nahida

A caged bird secluded within the confines of the Sanctuary of Surasthana who can only see the world in her dreams.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame data - Kolibri#7675
  • Gauges - CC#5588
    • NA: 1U
    • CA: 1U
    • E Cast: 1U
    • TKP Proc: 1.5U
  • ICDs - CC#5588
    • NA and CA: Not Shared
      • NA: Standard
      • CA: None
    • E Cast and TKP: Not Shared
      • E Cast: None
      • TKP Proc: 1s
  • Snapshotting
  • Nahida makes sounds when she starts to walk, starting/stopping sprinting, and while jumping. It's a repeating melody. - Video - Image - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Nahida's death will end her E duration at the end of her death animation, but her Q will continue to be on-field. - VanIna#2859

Skill Mechanics

  • Only produces particles through TKP procs. - CC#5588
  • Particle generation has a 7s ICD (although is inconsistent in practice possibly due to connectivity factors) - CC#5588
  • TKP procs with any reaction (with a few things to keep in mind). - CC#5588
    • Environment-triggered reactions also proc TKP.
    • Order of operations with casting E have the seed marking be after the damage instance and reaction. As a result, applying Hydro/Pyro/Electro and then casting Nahida E only causes Bloom/Burning/Quicken respectively but does not trigger TKP unlike when executed in reverse.
    • Second-stage Bloom reactions (Dendro Core Explosion/Hyperbloom/Burgeon) trigger TKP too upon hitting an enemy that is marked.
    • Burning ticks and refueling Dendro Gauge when the enemy already has a Burning Status do not trigger TKP (not considered a reaction possibly because no "Burning" text shows up).
    • Refreshing Freeze Gauge triggers TKP (shows "Freeze" reaction text).
    • Elemental Reactions triggered by enemies can proc TKP. - daibangden#8410
  • Upon using Nahida's Elemental Skill, Dendro damage happens before marking them with Seed of Skandha. - Your Ally#6976
    • Despite dealing Dendro damage before applying Seed of Skandha, Raiden's Coordinated Attacks hit after the enemies are marked. - Tap E - Hold E - Your Ally#6976
  • Nahida can only mark up to 8 enemies with a single use of All Schemes to Know, but more than 8 enemies can be affected by Seed of Skandha at the same time. - Silvershine2#5439
    • Using E twice on two separate groups of enemies still links all of them together into one group for TKP. It does not create two separately linked groups of enemies. - siowy#6646
  • Marking properties of Hold E. - Bread#8080
    • Requires the target to have just 1 frame of exposure for it to be marked.
    • Targets outside the square border but in-between two frames on a quick swipe will not be marked.
    • Nahida's Hold E can mark enemies with Seed of Skandha directly behind her, this is also affected by the camera position. - Enemy - NPC - Freenek#7777
    • Hold E can wake up enemies from a distance that you normally can only wake up by walking near them. - siowy#6646
    • Hold E marks inactive enemies that can't normally be damaged yet, but tap E does not. - siowy#6646
  • Nahida Hold E has the highest form of super armor. The description already mentions "During this time, Nahida's resistance to interruption will be increased" but apparently, this description is inconsistent among other characters. - Mcpie#8672
  • Controller players are doomed with hold E if they're going for a full 360 degree spin due to turn angle capped speed. - Mcpie#8672
  • Hold E range is around ~10 Abyss Tiles (26 meters). - Your Ally#6976 - SR#4573
  • Nahida when holding E will allow her to float in the air, which means some enemies' melee attacks can't reach her, and also allows her to dodge upcoming bullets toward her previous location. - VanIna#2859
    • Holding E completely dodges Raiden puppet's rings on the ground attack. - siowy#6646
  • Nahida's Hold E interaction with "invisible" enemies - Your Ally#6976
    • ASIMON: can mark. - Video
    • Primal Construct: can mark. - Video
    • Fatui Agent: can not mark. - Video
  • Nahida can mark opponents through terrain but cannot collect harvestable items if she cannot see them. - daibangden#8410

Shatter Is A Reaction Only To Nahida

Added: 2022-11-27 (v. 3.2)
Last tested: 2022-11-26 (v. 3.2)

Nahida thinks Shatter is a reaction, and it can trigger TKP.


It is still the bastard child.

The God Of Wisdom Is Arachnophobic

By: Mr. Pillow#0065
Added: 2023-01-11 (v. 3.3)
Last tested: 2023-01-10 (v. 3.3)

Nahida's Hold and Tap versions of her Elemental Skill cannot mark Spiders with the Seed of Skandha, since Spiders are counted as Overworld Obstacles and are not opponents.



Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Compassion Illuminated

  • Snapshots EM value on-cast. - CC#5588
  • EM buff can be snapshotted for Amplifying Reactions. - CC#5588

A4: Awakening Elucidated

Utility: On All Things Meditated

  • Nahida can only collect up to 5 items with her Utility Passive at a time. Marking enemies at the same time does not count toward this limit. - 5 items - 3 items + 3 enemies - Silvershine2#5439
  • Tap E can also harvest nearby collectibles. Harvesting is not exclusive to Hold E. - siowy#6646
  • Nahida's collection ability using her Skill has several requirements, which can probably be summarized as follows: - Alpha Flyte#2031
    • The target must have a sparkle effect indicating collectability, and must not require further "processing" (attacks, Elemental application, blunt damage, etc.)
    • Her Skill also works with the Seed Dispensary, allowing the collection of seeds from a distance.
    • The range at which it can mark enemies appears to be the distance at which the level indicator appears.
    • Nahida's Utility Passive doesn't trigger Whopperflower mimics. - emmaus#9072.
  • Characters in quests have different, unvoiced voice lines under Nahida Hold E than their normal voice lines. - Normal - Commission - juko#9385
  • Nahida's Hold E can mark stuff normally unreachable by the camera vertical limit if the initial camera is positioned before using hold E. - Higher - Lower - Omglolz#2082

Constellation Mechanics

C1: The Seed of Stored Knowledge

  • Nahida C1 does not require the presence of an Element to add to the count. - Hydro - Pyro - Soul Fish#8421

C2: The Root of All Fullness

  • The critting component is dependent on the target, not on the source (a Bloom critting on target 1 does not mean it's guaranteed to crit on target 2 as well, just like how damage generally works). - CC#5588
  • DEF Shred also affects non-Electro and non-Dendro damage. - CC#5588
  • Nahida C2 allows Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon to trigger Favonius effects. Burning does not work. - Bloom - Burgeon - Hyperbloom - Burning - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Nahida C2 does not apply to triggering hit. - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Nahida C2 likely triggers under the condition of "a Catalyze [reaction is triggered on]/[aura is applied to] an enemy marked with a Seed of Skandha". - NZPIEFACE#8439

C6: The Fruit of Reason's Culmination

  • Nahida C6 takes advantage of the DMG Bonus from her Burst (from Pyro characters in the team) and her A4. - Jilanow#9252


  • A1 interaction with weapons and external EM-scaling abilities
    • Hunter's Path: ✓ works. - CC#5588
    • Staff of the Scarlet Sands: ✘ does not work. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Key of Khaj-Nisut: ✘ does not work. - Key user - Non-Key user - Omglolz#2082
    • Xiphos' Moonlight: ✘ does not work. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Wandering Evenstar: ✘ does not work. - Soul Fish#8421
    • 4-Piece Gilded Dreams EM: ✓ works. - tabithanya#7398
      • Nahida A1 snapshots the highest EM in the party upon cast. This means that if a character has X EM when Nahida casts her Burst, and then their EM decreases below X (i.e. if the 4-Piece Gilded Dreams buff expires), the buff granted to the on-field character by Nahida's A1 does not decrease.
    • Cyno A4: ✓ works. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Dendro Traveler A4: ✓ works. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Tighnari A4: ✓ works. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Yae A4: ✓ works. - Soul Fish#8421
    • Kazuha A4: ✘ does not work. - CC#5588
    • Sucrose A4: ✘ does not work. - CC#5588 - Soul Fish#8421
  • A4 is dynamic and receptive to EM buff sources. - CC#5588
    • Dendro Resonance Proc, Elegy, Gilded Proc, and Sucrose A4 have all been tested and confirmed to increase Nahida A4.
  • Fischl A4 happens before Nahida E (at around 200ms ping). - NZPIEFACE#8439