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Attack Mechanics

Analysing Beidou’s Normal Attack Rotations Including Hitlag

By: lostguru#5024 Added: 2020-12-06
  1. 1.
    You lose around 30% damage output without Lightning Storm active.
  2. 2.
    C0-C3 Beidous looking to maximize damage output will want to use 4-hit run cancels and full combo dash cancels.
  3. 3.
    C4-C6 Beidous can consider using 2-hit run cancel rotations when they want to prioritize Electro damage output.

Skill Mechanics

Frame Analysis of Beidou’s Parry

By: MemeMastodon69#2165 Added: 2020-11-05
Finding: Beidou perfect parry has 2 startup frames, 17 active frames +/- 1 frame
Evidence: Input overlay to detect inputs, counting from 1 on the frame after the input is registered. Large slime's jump attack previously established to create an active hitbox on the frame that the "spark" effect appears as it hits the ground. All counts made between when the input overlay registers the input (frame 0) and the slime's first active hitbox frame. As always, results are fuzzy by +/- 1 frame due to discrepancies between game simulation and graphical rendering.
Significance: Beidou's extremely strong potential burst damage is evidently achievable by many players, as the timing window is only marginally tougher than dodging. Serious consideration should be given to "gitting gud" and making use of Beidou burst DPS.

Beidou E Particle Mechanics

By: Steph#3614 Added: 2021-03-22
Theory/Findings: Beidou's Tidecaller particle production mechanic actually has no RNG assigned to it at all. It produce at base 2 particles, and every charge you gain on your tidecaller increases the particles produced by 1, capping at 4 (2 charge). In addition, Perfect Parry automatically provides 2 charges for particle production as well, in addition to damage, and if the skill were held after a perfect parry, even if you don't get hit at all, it will still be executed at max charge.
Evidence/Testing: A series of 100 E casts of each following category was executed
  • 0 charge tidecaller will always produce 2 electro particles
  • 1 charge tidecaller will always produce 3 electro particles
  • 2 charge tidecaller and perfect parries will always produce 4 electro particles
Significance: This makes Beidou's particle production way easier to count.

Beidou Counter Startup

By: Aftermath#7658 Added: 2022-01-27 Discussion
Finding: Beidou's counter has 0/1 startup frames, depending on whether your input is registered immediately or with a 1 frame delay.
Evidence: If we say that frame 0 of the skill is Electro aura application and frame 1 is the skill UI indicator, then the counter is active on frame 1. What complicates things is input delay, which will add 1 extra frame to the startup depending on your luck.
Here's an album of counter fails with 1 frame parry attempts failing due to 1f input delay, and a couple at the bottom with 0 frame input delays and 0 frame parry attempts: Imgur
And here's an album of successful 1 frame parry attempts with 0f input delay, with a couple at the bottom showing 1f input delay with successful counters on frame 2: Imgur
Significance: The parry timing is a little easier than previously thought.

Burst Mechanics

Beidou Lightning Proc ICD

By: Steno#0119 Added: 2022-01-13 Discussion
Finding: Beidou's Q discharge cooldown is stated to be 1s or 60 frames. The counter for these 60 frames does not start on when Beidou's lightning discharge hits, but when the normal attack hits. However, since the trigger for a discharge is on a normal attack damage instance and damage instances are determined server-side, the discharge CD can be randomly and inconsistently affected by ping spikes and is not consistently 60 frames. The closer to 60 frames between each attack, the more likely ping inconsistencies will cause you to miss a Q discharge.
Evidence: Youtube In this video, there are two cases analyzed.
  • First case: 00:30
    • NA proc - frame 0
    • Beidou Q - frame 4
    • NA proc - frame 62
    • no Beidou Q proc
There are 62 frames between the first and second NA. However, a second Beidou Q discharge does not proc.
  • Second case: 00:50
    • NA proc - frame 440
    • Beidou Q - frame 446
    • NA proc - frame 501
    • Beidou Q proc - 507
There are 61 frames between the first and second NA. In this case, two Beidou Q discharges proc within 61 frames of each other.
Significance: Ping variance can cause some inconsistencies with Beidou.

Beidou's Q and Mitachurl Shield Interactions

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: Lightning discharge during Beidou's Q can be procced on mitachurl shields, causing it to bounce between 2 or more enemies. However, this does not deal damage.
Significance: Provides a clear understanding of Beidou's burst mechanics.

Beidou's Q snapshot timing

By: EdisonsMathsClub#6469 Added: 2021-09-22 Discussion
Finding: Beidou's Elemental Burst, Skill DMG and Lightning DMG, snapshot at different timings.
Evidence: Test timings of Beidou's Burst inside Bennett ultimate, both intentionally waiting for the Bennett ATK Buff and casting Burst, and intentionally quick swapping to not snapshot the Bennett ATK Buff and casting burst.
  • Youtube: Snapshot, Skill DMG 16921, Lightning DMG 13359
  • Youtube: No snapshot, Skill DMG 16444, Lightning DMG 8906 (The difference of the Skill DMG is due to losing 1 stack of Serpent Spine.)
In both clips, the Skill DMG snapshots Beidou's stats when it hits, when she has the Bennett ATK Buff. However in the no snapshot clip, as Beidou's Lightning DMG snapshots instantly on cast, and thus, the no snapshot clip has less Lightning DMG.
Significance: In the dire circumstance that you cast Beidou's Elemental Burst too fast to snapshot the Lightning DMG, you still salvage some damage as the Skill DMG snapshots later. It is still best to wait for the buffs to appear, to buff both Skill and Lighting DMG.

Burst Range Limit

By: daibangden2460#8410 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion
Finding: Lightning discharge from Beidou's burst can only be triggered within limited range, it starts from the character. It is not affected by travel time of the attack. The distance is counted when the attack hit enemy not when it is released. The owner of the attack has to be on field when the attack hit to trigger lightning discharge.
Evidence: Youtube Youtube Youtube
Significance: Better understanding of Beidou burst.

Beidou Proc Counts

By: elijam#7142 Added: 2022-03-26 Discussion Finding: A collection of Beidou driver proc counts with various combos and rotations.
Evidence: Sheet
Significance: Optimization of gameplay with Beidou in various teams, more accurate team calcs for Beidou.

Constellation Mechanics

C4: Stunning Revenge

Mistranslation of Beidou’s C4 Effect

By: EternalDream#5503 Added: 2020-12-07
Finding: Beidou’s C4 is mistranslated:
  • Current description, Within 10s of taking DMG, Beidou's Normal Attacks gain 20% additional Electro DMG.
  • Correct description, Within 10s of taking DMG, Beidou's Normal Attacks AND CHARGED ATTACKS gain 20% additional Electro DMG.
Significance: C4 is not anti-synergistic with all her charged attack bonuses, as one would assume from the description.

Beidou C4 Gauge

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 2021-06-03 Discussion
Finding: Beidou's C4 applies 1A of Electro.
Evidence: Youtube

Beidou C4 damage

By: elijam#7142 Added: 2021-08-07 Discussion
Finding: Beidou’s C4 damage instance has no ability type scaling tags.
  • Video - Damage is consistent with and without 4HoD bonus
  • Video and Video - Damage is consistent with and without 2gambler bonus
  • Video and Video - Damage is consistent with and without 2NO bonus
Significance: Damage calculations for Beidou.

Beidou C4 is on hit not damage

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 2021-09-10 Discussion
Finding: Beidou's C4 is actually on hit, not damage. It does activate when you get hit but don't take damage (if you are shielded).
  • Youtube: Here Beidou blocks rockets with her parry, C4 is activated.
  • Youtube: It applies not just to Beidou's shield but presumably all shields. In this instance it does work with Noelle's shield.
Significance: C4 pretty good

C6: Bane of Evil

Beidou C6 doesn't apply on initial cast

By: Xreejan#1180
Added: 2021-12-15
Finding: The initial cast of Beidou's Burst doesn't benefit from her C6.
Evidence: Testing done with c5 and c6 Beidou with identical stats on the same enemy.
  • C5 Beidou does 1411 damage on her burst cast:
  • C6 Beidou does 1411 damage on her burst cast:
Significance: Accurate damage calculations.

Beidou's C6 range is extremely short

By: Steno#0119
Added: 2021-12-13
Findings: Beidou's C6 range is extremely short, shredding the Electro RES of enemies within just over 1 abyss tile of range.
Evidence: The damage dealt without the C6 RES shred is 272, and the damage dealt with RES shred is 310.
Significance: Beidou's C6 is not as powerful as it seems.

Beidou C6 Lingers

By: mando.#1646 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: The Electro RES Shred from Beidou C6 lingers for about 2 seconds.
Evidence: Apart from the damage numbers, the debuff arrows persist on the ruin guard longer than the animation itself.
Video 1
  • Lisa E damage with RES Shred: 256
  • Lisa E damage without RES Shred: 225
Video 2
  • Lisa E damage with RES Shred: 247
  • Lisa E damage without RES Shred: 217
Significance: Better understanding of Beidou's C6.


Serpent Spine Interactions with Beidou

By: ZΛNTO#4984 Added: 12/13/20
Finding: Everything you need to know about Serpent Spine and Beidou
  • Perfect parrying does NOT reduce your Serpent Stacks. Any shield damage will not count as "taking damage," but if your shield breaks from an attack it WILL count as taking damage.
  • Serpent stacks still boost damage when off-field
  • Stormbreaker is SNAPSHOTTED, meaning casting it will "lock" your stats. Losing or gaining any stacks will NOT change your current Burst damage.
Significance: Good weapon. Works as well as you'd expect.

Beidou C4 interaction with Sara

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 2021-09-06 Discussion
Finding: Sara's Tengou Juurai: Ambush activates Beidou's C4 when it hits (buffs) Beidou.
Evidence: Video: In this video you can see that Beidou's weapon is normal and after she gets hit by Tengou Juurai: Ambush her weapon starts sparking with electro, indicating that C4 has been activated.
Significance: Neat interaction for Beidou

Does The Bell’s passive affect Beidou’s Elemental Skill DMG?

By: Elliotto#6694 Added: 2020-11-18
Finding: The passive on The Bell (4*), influences Beidou’s damage on Tidecaller (E Counter).
Evidence: Twitch Clip lost to the sands of time
  • Damage with The Bell: 111
  • Damage with a weapon of same Base ATK: 98
(In addition, the total amount of shields does not increase the percentage of damage bonus from Bell's passive. This was tested through a similar method, using Diona, Crystalize, Noelle, and Beidou shield at the same time. The damage remained consistent)
The bell will provide its damage bonus with concurrent abilities such as Beidou’s Tidecaller.

Beidou's 'E' skill shield triggers The Bell's passive for 12% increased DMG every time irrespective of cooldown

By: ASHOKA#5672 Added: 2020-11-19
Sequence of Clips and DMG numbers:
  1. 1.
    Rainslasher E hold without hit - 886
  2. 2.
    The Bell E hold without hit - 993
  3. 3.
    Rainslasher E hold with one hit - 902
  4. 4.
    The Bell E hold with one hit - 1010
  5. 5.
    Rainslasher E hold with electro aura - 1083
  6. 6.
    The Bell E hold with visible shield - 1010
  1. 1.
    You get 12% extra DMG on every E hold strike on The Bell compared to Rainslasher.
  2. 2.
    Rainslasher can however give 8% more DMG than The Bell if the enemy has a Hydro/Electro aura.
  3. 3.
    The passive cooldown of The Bell does not matter for Beidou and her E hold shield can directly benefit from it.

Beidou The Unforged Q snapshot interaction

  • Beidou's Q is snapshotted
  • Beidou c1 gives a shield
  • Unforged has an ATK% buff stacks that changes with a shield
Finding: Beidou's Q snapshot happens before gaining the bonus from Unforged's shield effect
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