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📄️ Dori

An elusive merchant who has a fondness for glittering Mora.

Basic Mechanics


  • Gauges
    • E
      • Cast: 1U
      • After-Sales Service Round: 1U
    • Q
      • Self-application: 1U - Video - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
      • Connector: 1U
    • C2: 1U
  • ICDs
    • E - mina#4448
      • Cast: 3-hit/2.5s (shared with After-Sales Service Rounds) - Video 1, Video 2
      • After-Sales Service Round: 3-hit/2.5s (shared with cast) - Video 1, Video 2
    • Q
      • Self-application: 3s - Imgur - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
      • Connector: 3s - Video - milk tea romance#9022
    • C2: 3-hit/2.5s
  • Snapshotting:
    • E: Unknown
    • Q: Snapshot - Gallery - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Frame data - Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675

Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • Dori's E Troubleshooter Shot and the After-Sales Service Rounds (including the additional round from C1) share ICD. - mina#4448
    • Video (initial shot and 3rd after-sales service round trigger Aggravate)
    • Video (initial shot misses, and only the 1st after-sales service round triggers Aggravate)
  • Contrary to her Skill talent description, Dori's E Troubleshooter Shot does not have to hit an enemy to trigger the After-Sales Service Rounds. - mina#4448

Burst Mechanics

  • Dori's self application is unlike any other we've had before. Other characters' self applications have always been self auras that don't have aura tax and have a set duration, but Dori's is a legit Elemental attack, which means it has aura tax and uses standard decay rate. It also applies the Electro aura visual effect around the character which doesn't happen with other self auras. - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Dori's Burst tether connects to and applies to all nearby players in multiplayer - Lefthandtaco#6453

Ascension Mechanics

A4: Compound Interest

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Special Franchise

  • Dori's C2 ICD is every 2 heal ticks. This will add 3 more reactions to a Burst duration, potentially more when there are multiple enemies. Doesn't share ICD with Burst. - BlueBery#9054
  • Dori's C2 is not Burst damage. - Padilla#0310


  • Dori's Q self Electro application can proc Thoma C1, Diluc C2 and Beidou C4. This is once again due to her self application being special. - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920