Traveler (Electro)

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Basic EMC Mechanics

Basic Attributes

Skill Mechanics

  • Generates 1 particle per skill cast - elijam#7142

  • The energy gained from amulets is classified as flat energy. - ceeeleste#3568

  • Different characters can each pick up an amulet generated from one cast. - ceeeleste#3568

  • The ER granted does not affect 4p Emblem of Severed Fate. - ye olde dong slot#4986

  • Characters don't have to be on top of an Amulet to pick it up. - Vivy#5802

  • Amulets still generate even if skill hits a shield. - Vivy#5802

  • The number of Amulets generated depends on the number of Lightning Blades AND the number of enemies hit.

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

A4: Resounding Roar

  • A4 only takes into account the Traveler's original ER, picking up an amulet to increase ER, won't change the ER shared by A4. - Vivy#5802