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Client and Server

Many things are ping-dependent in this game, from testing we can deduce that certain things are updated client-side while others are updated server-side. The complete list of high ping interactions is documented below. See the Vault Entries for more details.

Client side

  • Elemental Reactions and Auras
  • All character stats except for HP (including buffs)
  • Resistance Shred
  • Construct HP
  • Consumption of Ningguang's Star Jades to produce projectiles.

Server side

  • Damage and hits
  • Character and enemy HP
  • All enemy stats
  • Elemental Particles and character Energy
  • Stamina
  • Weapon stacks
  • Ningguang's Star Jade creation.

High Ping Interactions

  • Elemental Reactions still work, including the Resistance Shred from Superconduct.
  • Both player and enemy are granted immortality whilst under high ping but the HP bar will be updated once switched back to normal latency.
    • This can lead to Bennett's Burst ignoring the HP threshold or Albedo's A1 not benefitting from enemies being below 50% HP.
  • Energy is not produced under high ping but will be generated when ping returns to normal.
  • AA Energy source is not refunded when back to low latency.
  • Energy is not consumed when under high ping.
  • When enemy is aggro-ed by player before high latency, it will remain aggressive.
  • When enemy is aggro-ed during high latency, it will remain passive for the duration of high latency state.
  • Taunts will turn aggressive enemies to passive enemies under high latency.
  • Character stat buffs still update normally, unless they are related to other stats that are updated server side, such has Hutao's passive from being below 50% HP.
  • Resistance shred works.
  • Fall damage is dealt.
  • ICD behaves normally aside from a few exceptions, so far only the Rainswords from Xingqiu E have a different application rate than usual.
  • Healing is inaccessible during high latency. When returned to low latency, the healing will be applied, and healing like Bennett's Q will ignore the HP thresholds.
  • Character shields work normally under high latency.
  • Stamina is not consumed under high ping, nor will it regenerate.
  • For conditional weapon passives (Lion's Roar, Dragon's Bane), if condition is true, the passive will be added into the damage calculation.
  • On-hit passives (Flute), sacrificial/favonius weapons cannot trigger under high latency, but Aquila Favonia seems to still work.
  • Taunts behave normally under high latency.
  • Geo Constructs HP work normally.

Evidence Vault

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High Ping Interactions