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Miscellaneous Entries

  • Characters than can pull/suck items with their abilities (i.e Jean E, Venti Q), all have a limit. This limit can be affected by in-game FPS, depending on the specific ability. For more information visit our evidence page.
  • Almost all Elemental Bursts that have a zoom animation will reset the directional pad on mobile (with the only known exception being Childe's Ranged Burst).
    • Bursts that have no zoom animation (either by design or by canceling the zoom) will not reset the directional pad.
  • You can juggle fruits that are freshly harvested from trees. Unfortunately, once they have been on the ground for a certain amount of time, nothing will affect it anymore.
  • At least two of the birds (one near Azhdaha and one in Guyun) die very often of drowning, usually before the player even sees them, though their death is also occasionally observed, and they may even sometimes survive.
    • You can use this to get free fowl.
  • Without using any Elemental Skills/bursts, the glider, or characters/weapons not freely available to every account, is it possible to climb to the peak of the fully grown Frostbearing Tree? The answer is yes.
  • The Kamuijima Cannons in Inazuma can cause friendly damage to yourself, as well as other players in Co-op.
  • Average party level warning/zone level/enemy level color warning is a lie, only highest level character is accounted for.
  • Every character model is capable of rolling in place.
    • In order to perform it, you need enough movement speed and then proceed to jump from being idle -> hold W while falling.
    • Depending on character model, you need up to the following movement speed in order to roll. These are upper bounds and it might be possible to roll with lower values but way harder to execute.
      • Child female - 10%
      • Adult female - 10%
      • Adult male - 25%
      • Teen male - 35%
      • Teen female - 35%
  • The Traveler has more than 0 friendship points but less than 10 and does not accumulate.
  • The daily cap for being able to receive drops is 400 elites and 2000 common mobs.
  • The maximum amount of damage that a character can take when doing a Plunge Attack is 40% of their max HP.
  • All Statues of the Seven can heal you while you are in a menu (map, adventure book, etc.).
  • Some Statues of the Seven's teleport places you close enough to heal from them, these include:
    • Mondstadt - Stormterror Lair Statue
    • Dragonspine Statue
    • Liyue - Statue near Qingyun Peak
    • Liyue - Statue in Dihua Marsh
    • Liyue - Statue in Mingyun Village
    • Inazuma - Sangonomiya Island Statue
    • Inazuma - Tsurumi Island Statue
  • Undiscovered Statues of the Seven will revive characters, but not heal them beyond that.
  • The doors in the Knights of Favonius HQ act as a mini load border, which can make some very interesting things happen. Only doors that fit these conditions will work:
    1. Must have an interact prompt to pass through.
    2. Don't reload the whole area around the player when entering/exiting
    3. Are not sliding doors (Inazuma sliding doors do not work).
  • The CRIT Rate and damage of the Bokuso Box scale off of the stats of the character that is on-field when it is used.
  • Some Passives have a distance limit, meaning they can't be triggered when the player is too far away from the enemies. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • By following these steps, using stoves and Geo Constructs, players can potentially ascend indefinitely until they run out of stoves. This can be done in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
  • Compared to regular NPC hitbox propulsion, characters will also be launched at greater speed and distance with Karkata. It is also possible to move Karkata using Geo Constructs and to move Karkata by running into him with the assistance of Geo Constructs. See this Vault Entry.
  • Using a non-canceled 5* Elemental Burst or opening a UI menu on PC will reset walking mode to running mode, but not on mobile. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • Specialty dish rates are affected by dish rarity and quality. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • Slimes that are in barrels or Frozen can blink.
  • Certain characters buffs and/or infusions are limited by a finite vertical range, while others showcase near unlimited vertical range. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • The birds inside the cages of The Chasm underground camps have some weird behavior. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • Anemo units Elemental Skills and Bursts activate Anemograna on cast. This conversely applies to Cryo units with Mutated Anemograna.
  • Character Constellations are actually 3D!
  • Item pickup speed slows down in higher ping environments.
  • Elemental Conversions are inconsistent in their visual properties when viewed in Elemental Sight. See this Vault Entry for more information.
  • Polearm users, after plunging for some time, will start to have various changes on their visual effects. See this Vault Entry for more information.


  • For some characters, if they use an Elemental Skill and sit in a chair at the same time (pressing F and E at the same time for PC users), while the Skill will not activate (and as such the Skill cooldown will not start), the game will still "treat" the Skill as if it had activated, which causes effects like Crimson Witch 4-Piece to stack.
    • This can also be performed by interacting with an NPC or a poster instead of a chair.
  • Aiming with the Harpastum Ball gadget allow character to quickly cancel their animation in combat. This cancel is slightly faster than jump/dash cancels. However, this doesn't work for Charged Attacks.
  • Kamera Gadget can cancel knockback.
    • Both the Kamera gadget as well as the Special Kamera gadget can be used to "cancel" knockback (instead of flying through the air, the character slides backwards). It can also be used to cancel a dash off of a ledge or the bounce of Bennetts charge level 2 (which seems to behave identical to receiving knockback).
    • To do this, you have to take a picture at the moment where you get hit/leap off a ledge. The method used is to take photos in rapid succession, by pressing "esc" and "y" quickly after one another. This makes timing the photo easier.
  • By swapping characters at the right time when you are about to be Frozen, it's possible to cancel it. See this Vault Entry for a video demonstration.
  • Some characters can keep their weapons if you change them mid sheathing animation, but only when the golden Particles start appearing.


  • In patch 1.2, Razor and Beidou are the two of the best choices for tanking Electro DMG from an enemy of ANY level, without damage reduction like the reduction provided by Xingqiu's Elemental Skill, with unlimited resources. However, Hu Tao beats them both.
  • To tank one hit from an enemy of ∞ level in overworld, without damage reduction eg XQ, certain comps/etc will excel for each damage type.

Animals Interaction

  • Sacrificial Weapons' passives and the 4-Piece Gambler effect can trigger on Wildlife that drop items (birds and beasts), but does not trigger on Wildlife that act as an interactable item pick-up (material sources).
  • Some debuffs will affect animals such as dogs, cats, and foxes. See this Vault Entry for details.
  • Some Skills and passives (like Kazuha's A4 and Freedom-Sworn's) can affect certain species of fowl (Ducks & Cranes), but not on pigeons.

Photo Mode

  • If you switch from character A to character B in a high-ping environment, then immediately enter Photo Mode, you can use expressions from character A on character B.

Narukami Shrine Fortune Slip Probabilities

  • There are 16 possible fortune slip results, each with a unique lucky item. The probability of each fortune slip result (and therefore each lucky item) is equal. However, some fortune slips share the same fortune type. The likelihood of each fortune type is the following:
    • Great Misfortune = 1/16 = 6.25%
    • Misfortune = 2/16 = 12.5%
    • Rising Fortune = 2/16 = 12.5%
    • Modest Fortune = 4/16 = 25%
    • Good Fortune = 3/16 = 18.75%
    • Great Fortune = 4/16 = 25%

A Study In Potions

  • The retry button in the event is a full team reset. All cooldowns including weapon passive cooldowns, Elemental Skills, Elemental Bursts and character constellations are fully reset as well as HP and Energy.

Portable Waypoints

  • When placing the Portable Waypoint in certain places such as The Crux and teleporting from a location with an abnormal weather effect, it will be transferred to where the Portable Waypoint is.
  • Portable Waypoints don't prevent Sheer Cold from accumulating on Dragonspine, unlike regular waypoints.
  • Teleporting to a Portable Waypoint resets enemies while regular waypoints don't have this behavior.

Hidden wall clip spot in Liyue Merchant Stall

  • In Liyue Harbour there's a hidden location behind a stall that allows characters to clip through the walls and infinitely plunge.

Three Realms Gateway Offering

  • The Bokuso Box can proc weapon passives and talents that proc on-damage.

Login Screen Time Change

  • The game sets the following Login Screens for different time period:
    • Dawn - 04:30 to 07:29
    • Day - 07:30 to 16:29
    • Dusk - 16:30 to 18:29
    • Night - 18:30 to 04:29

Perilous Trail

  • Kuki Shinobu's melons, and the campfire she uses to roast them in particular, have some odd properties.

Bad Device Co-op Experience

  • The experiences of players using bad devices (either poor connection, processing power) have many peculiarities.
  • For cases where players using bad devices can observe enemies spawn in normally, enemies stand still and do not have shields until they fully spawn for every players, they don't have auras, can't be applied auras nor debuffs, their HP reset once they spawn fully for everyone.
    • Lisa's Burst from other players don't attack enemies until they spawn fully for everyone
  • For cases where players using bad devices, enemies will teleport away shortly after spawn and are attacking as soon as they spawn, enemies do not stand still and they attack other players as normal, their HP and shields don't reset, some enemy attacks and reaction can still hit bad device players before spawning for them.
  • Particles doesn't spawn until enemies spawn (Raiden Burst energy regen still works)
  • Going into certain menus can also get the player stuck inside them until enemies "spawn" for them.
  • For more details, check out this entry in the Evidence Vault.

A Strange Visual Effect That Only Shows Up When Holding Sprint

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Cows of Teyvat

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Magical Lizards

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