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The Rock

Basic Mechanics and Known Locations:

  • There are a few small rocks in the overworld with interesting properties. They can be damaged and destroyed, and they can also deal Geo damage when dropped.
  • Current known locations for rocks:
    • North of the Dragonspine Adventurer's Guild Camp (1 Rock): Imgur
    • Cape Oath (2 groups of 4 Rocks each): Imgur 1, Imgur 2

Weird Blue Rocks

Basic Mechanics and Known Locations:

  • A known cousin of the rock, these 2 blue rocks can be found in Enkanomiya, can be burned away with Pyro, do not respawn, and can absorb Cryo.
  • The current known locations for these rocks:
    • Inside small square building behind Vishap Research Lab (2 rocks)

Serenitea Pot

Teapot Dog Abuse

  • 0-poise attacks also register on Kageroumaru.
  • Kageroumaru can hold non-Elemental statuses, but not marks.
  • Kageroumaru's parry does not have a cooldown. He reacts to all attacks inflicted on him, including every single hit of a multi-hit attack.

Daily Commissions

Electro Fog

Interactions with the Thunder Fog in The Thundering Wilds daily commission.

  • Sucrose's N1, N2, and N3 don't work on their own.
  • Sucrose's N1 and N2 work when there is something next to it that she can target, so it's assumed that N3 is the same way, but no one has been able to actually do it yet.
  • Every other Anemo ability works on its own.
  • The attacks from Anemo Slimes don't work, some examples of things that Sucrose can't target (and can't disperse the fog with) are the Portable Waypoint, Serenitea Pot, and Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon.

Little Meng's Little Bottle

  • During the commission “Ahoy! A Pirate's Growth for Ye!” Little Meng throws a bottle into Bishui River. If you approach the middle of the river, you can find and read the bottle, and you can also climb and stand atop of it.

Artifact Spots

As of Version 2.6, there are 233 (+1 or +2) respawnable investigation spots that drop artifacts.


Pre 2.0:

  • Liyue (pre 2.0) - 48 spots.
  • Dragonspine - 7 spots.


  • Liyue (added in 2.0) - 6 spots.
  • Inazuma non-Tatarasuna - 24 spots.
  • Tatarasuna - 24 spots.
  • Bake-danukis - 11 spots.
  • Cannons - 5 spots.
  • Conch spots on the beach - either 1 or 2 spots - rng based.

Patch 2.1 introduced 2 more islands. Each island has:

  • Seirai island: 44 spots.
  • Watatsumi island: 24 spots.
  • Bake-danukis - 6 spots.

Patch 2.2 introduced Tsurumi Island:

  • Moshiri Kara: 1 spot (north of Tsurumi Island).
  • Tsurumi Island: 14 spots.

Patch 2.6 introduced The Chasm:

  • Overworld: 4 spots.
  • Underground: 25 spots.


Waverider Mechanics


  • Waverider level is determined by World Level.
  • The Waverider has 0 DEF and 0 Elemental Resistances.
  • Waverider heals 0.65% when the player is outside of it, and 5% when inside and not in combat. Percentages are in terms of Waverider max HP.
  • Waverider is not affected by corrosion. If a character is affected by corrosion and enters the boat, HP does not continue to decay, but the duration of the corrosion effect still ticks.

Waverider-Terrain Interactions

  • When the Waverider is in water that is too shallow for it, it slowly drifts towards deeper water.
  • When you try to go over a waterfall, you either get stuck if the water is too shallow... or the boat deconstructs.

Waverider vs Environment

  • Waverider can be hit by lightning (possibly only in shallow water)
  • Waverider takes Electro-Charged damage if player is in the boat.
  • Waverider takes damage from the environment, such as Electro crystals and Cryo mistflowers. The player needs to be in the boat.
  • Waverider is not affected by Balethunder or "spicy water".

Waverider vs Player

  • Waverider cannot be CC'd with Anemo attacks such as Jean's or Venti's Elemental Skill.
  • Waverider can be slightly shifted with Geo Traveler's Elemental Skill.
  • You cannot raise the boat with Albedo's Elemental Skill.
  • You cannot place Zhongli's Steles near the boat.
  • There is a zone around the Waverider where the water can't be Frozen.
  • If you use the Waverider TP to summon the Waverider when the "destination" is Frozen, it deconstructs.

Zone Levels

  • The overworld map is split into multiple zones that affect enemy level and environmental reactions. There are "no level" zones which take on the level of the previous zone visited.
  • Overworld entities like grass, water, flowers, and crystals have levels, and do damage depending on those levels.
    • Flower stamens deal damage based on a static, pre-determined level assigned to them.
  • Maps:
  • Some constructs take zone level damage, a list of those that have been documented can be found here.
  • Zone level damage is based on the players current location, not the location of whatever is taking damage.

Overworld Hydro


  • Water in Genshin exists only in horizontal, 2-dimensional sheets.
  • True water, water that can be reacted with, is not graphically represented at all times, additionally, graphically represented water is only an approximation.
  • Genshin's water is coded in a way where the visual water and actual layer are separate, thus there is an invisible field of water that does not apply wet in random places of the world, but can be infused.
  • Applying Electro to water does not produce Electro-Charged, instead it creates an instance of Electrified.
    • Some fountains and pools of water cannot create an instance of Electrified.
  • Overworld water applies Hydro with an ICD of 0.25 seconds, a strength of 10 durability per tick, up to a max of 50, and a duration of 8 seconds, regardless of durability.
  • Not all graphically represented water in waterfalls will apply the Wet status to the active character. See this Vault Entry for a complete map.
  • Frozen water can be isolated from regular water by changing the water level or position after freezing the water.
    • It is inert and will not be affected by Elemental applications or abilities. This is in contrast to regular Frozen water, which has numerous interactions with Elemental applications.
  • Water from certain sources in Fontaine, including from the city, aquabus routes and hot springs, can't be frozen.


  • If it's raining and you approach Mondstadt, the rain will stop, even though the rain will continue outside Mondstadt.
  • Overworld rain applies Hydro with an ICD of 0.5 seconds, and a strength of 10 durability per tick, up to a max of 30. The duration of Hydro aura applied by rain is currently unknown.
  • It is unknown if normal rain and thunderstorm rain have the same properties.
  • Rain water Hydro is different from regular Hydro, and the game doesn’t recognize it as the same as Hydro from different sources (Such as player Hydro and Hydro from bodies of water). This is proved as the crystal doesn’t update and reapply Electro onto itself as it thinks no Element was applied onto it, removing the Electro. Game does not recognize rain Hydro, as other sources of Hydro.


  • Electrified is an Electro+Hydro reaction that can only be triggered with the usage of overworld water.
  • Electrified tick count scales with Electro gauge strength applied.
  • Electrified is a harmful reaction against both player and enemy.
  • Electrified's damage is classified as transformative, but it works off of environment bases.

Electro Crystals

  • The area in which an Electro crystal can zap a player is rectangular, with the crystal positioned off-center.
  • Electro crystals near a beach/water seem to have a special electric field with many irregular properties.
  • An electric crystal can have its aura removed, but it will be reapplied.
  • When it's raining, you can apply Hydro aura using 2U Cryo (Kaeya) then end rain (by time skipping) and the crystal will not apply Electro to itself again. It has to be 2U, 1U won’t work.
  • So far the crystal can hold Cryo, Hydro, and Electro.



  • Overworld grass generally takes 2 units of Pyro to ignite. However, some abilities do not interact with grass.
    Burning grass has standard ICD - 3 hits/2.5 seconds.


  • Elemental applications can be used to destroy or/and damage bushes. However not all elements are equal in this regard.
  • Bushes take one unit of Pyro Elemental application to light on fire.


  • Unloading and reloading an area causes trees/plants to pick up their fruits (like apples, sunsettias, lavender melon and berries). Vault entry



  • Structures do not count as "opponents" for the purposes of triggering abilities like Albedo's Elemental Skill.


Lit campfires essentially have a 1U aura of Pyro that don't decay over time.

Consuming the campfire aura requires one of the following:

  • One 1U application of Hydro or Electro
  • Two 1U applications of Cryo, Anemo, or Geo
  • One 2U (or higher) application of Cryo, Anemo, or Geo

The aura on the campfire is 1U, regardless of the Pyro aura applied.
For example: Bennett's tap E, which applies 2U of Pyro, still creates a campfire that behaves the exact same as one lit with 1U of Pyro.


  • You can light torches and Melt Ice Flowers with 0 gauge Pyro hits, such as Overload, Hu Tao's Skill cast, and Yoimiya's Skill cast.

Explosive Barrels

  • Barrel damage is affected by the unit's defense, following the damage formula here: Attributes such as level, ascension, max HP have no effect on the amount of damage inflicted by barrel explosions.
  • Barrels do Pyro damage, and is affected by reactions such as Vaporize as well as Pyro Resistance.
  • Damage Reduction such as Xingqiu Rain Sword orbitals can reduce explosion damage.
  • Explosive barrels have levels.
  • Barrel levels (probably) follow zone level rules.

Bouncy Mushrooms

  • Using a Normal Attack/Skill/Burst while starting a bounce animation (on the Bouncy Mushroom) will cancel the bounce on the player, which is easier to do with attacks that come out quicker.
    • In the related Sumeru daily commission, the cancel must be input at around 4 frames after the Bouncy Mushroom's bounce animation has started. Doing it early will not count and doing it late risks being up in the air, unable to cancel the animation.



As of 3.0, coordinates are no longer available in the feedback url.

  • Coordinates from in-game could be translated into the Official Teyvat Interactive Map and vice versa for easier navigation.
  • Character coordinates change whenever the game state is not Frozen (unpaused single player).


The Chasm

  • After reaching a certain height in locations of The Chasm, Paimon will say some lines. Usually these are triggered when you try climbing up to a light source.
  • Regardless of the height difference, no fall damage will be taken after jumping from a spoutrock unless you:
    • Glide
    • Roll off a cliff (counts as landing, you don't take damage for roll but the next landing won't be soft)
    • Use mid-air Skills e. g. Xiao
    • Plunge (normal reduced fall damage for plunge, capped at 40% max HP)
  • Geo Active Pillars in The Chasm have the following properties:
    • The basics:
      • Heavy attacks on the pillars activate a shockwave with center on the pillars, and the shockwaves are heavy attacks as well.
      • All pillars have an ICD of 10s before they can send another shockwave, approximately. They still can register hits while in CD.
      • Only pillars surrounded by golden wind will send shockwaves when hit by a player. Otherwise the pillar will still register a hit but won’t create a shockwave.
      • Shockwaves resonate with some objects. These include Geo Constructs and other pillars. Once it hits the object, it will send another shockwave.
      • Geo Constructs will be destroyed once hit by a shockwave and send another shockwave, regardless if their HP is higher than 27.419.
      • Damageable and undamageable summons work as intended. If a damageable one has >27.419 it will survive. Undamageable ones won’t be affected at all.
    • More about the pillars:
      • They can hold Cryo auras.
      • They aren’t defined as enemies, but as entities.
    • More about the shockwaves:
      • They damage enemies with 27.419 true damage and have a 1U gauge.
      • They don’t have vertical height.
      • They deal inconsistent damage if the enemy isn’t engaged in combat.
    • Lumenstone Adjuvant restores 10 Stamina every time it is used (at level 9 and above).



  • Electro seelie when on a mount, can apply Electro at any vertical range, but not when it has yet to reach its final destination. Vault Entry
  • During Daily Commissions, Phase Gates will be invisible but can still be used.


  • When landing on the side of certain pillars in Enkanomiya, you will not take fall damage.

Golden Apple Archipelago

  • Some objects like Geo Constructs and gadgets can reflect Melodic Bloom Notes found within Golden Apple Archipelago (2022).


  • Passives that reduce stamina consumption when swimming do not apply to Fontaine water.
  • Bodies of water in Fontaine's cities (or urban residential areas) are not considered water environments, although they still apply Wet status onto characters. You can't trigger reactions onto them (Electro-Charged, Vaporize) as well as not be able to trigger some Anemo characters' passives (e.g. Wanderer's A1, Kazuha's A1).


  • 4TF and 4CW set bonuses towards Overload and Superconduct do not apply to reactions involving objects or elementally modified terrain such as electrified and Frozen water.
  • The 1.6 EM buffs didn't increase the reaction damage caused by environmental sources, such as Electro crystals.
  • The current world state & character position is saved between different world maps.
  • Revive mechanics:
    • The game will revives the player's party at 35% Max HP when all party members die.
    • The revival happens at the closest Teleport Waypoint, Domain, or Statue of The Seven relative to where the last member died.
    • Drowning or falling into the void only removes 10% of Max HP during revival.
  • Treasure Compass range:
    • Treasure Compass detection depends on the chest rendering. Chest rendering suffers from an ItDepends™ .
    • Chest rendering seems to be square, off-set from chest, 360m x 360m for some while 180m x 180m for others.
  • The Cryo Element is able to be applied to many overworld objects, such as ores and animals. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that some overworld objects can hold Cryo without said Cryo being visible through Elemental sight.
  • Flying Anemo Slimes and Bloaty Floaty bubbles have hitboxes that can move characters.
  • It is possible to view the prompt (but not catch fish) from far above and below the fishing spot.
    • In addition to this, it is possible to catch fish from underwater.
  • Eagles can get stuck on terrain. Unlike other animals they do not have collision with players. They can be hit by melee attacks and at short range they attract auto-aim.
  • Some places in Teyvat are high. Such as the hidden library in Enkanomiya having the highest Y-coordinate, followed up by the Dragonspine Skyfrost.
  • When characters use abilities that make them vanish, companions (Mini Seelies, Endora, Shiki Kousho, etc…) will disappear as well.
  • Enemy deaths caused by the environment (fall damage, drowning, burning grass, electrified water) do not proc weapon passives with on kill requirements.
  • Overworld Blooms:
    • Tri Lakshana creatures in the Normal and Activated states have Dendro auras and can be applied with Hydro to create Dendro Cores.
    • Bubble attacks of Hydro Floating Fungi/Hydro Slime can be attacked with Dendro to break it and also produce a Dendro Core.
    • In addition to Electro Crystals being capable of holding Cryo and Hydro auras, they can also hold Dendro auras and be used to produce Dendro Cores.
    • Baron Bunny can create Dendro Cores in overworld water.
  • Overworld Constructs:
    • Every single construct has different properties about Elements that can (or can not) be applied and/or react to them. Source of application also matters. For specific info, check out the Evidence Vault.

Evidence Vault

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