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This page is for bugs, meaning they could get fixed by HoYoverse at any time. If you find that a bug has been patched out, but is still on this page, go to #website-feedback on the KQM Discord.


You can use your overworld team in the second half of abyss even if the same members are in the first half of the chamber by selecting retry at the same time as you kill the last enemy.

When using the retry button in abyss your Elemental Skill and Burst will not reset its cooldown so if you are too fast at starting the new encounter you will not be able to execute your opening moves properly.

Opening the exit menu in the Abyss does not pause the timer. This results in a bug wherein if you use the retry button in abyss as the last enemy in a chamber dies you will encounter an error message and receive 0 stars.


There are inconsistencies in whether a character wielding 4NO can receive the 4-pc Set Bonus on their Elemental Burst or not.






  • Occasionally, Cryogunner Legionnaires will not fully land on the ground after their jump attack pattern while also producing janky hit & collision boxes.


  • If your Artifact Inventory is near full (from 990/1000), you'll get an "No space left in Inventory" when trying to do a Wish X10.
  • There is a bug that causes your character to stop moving while sprinting, while still consuming stamina.
    • You can "break free" from this state by performing any action such as jump, attacks, dash, aim, swap, and entering a menu.
  • It is possible for the aimed versions of certain abilities to spawn their respective objects in a different location from initially intended. This is done by rapidly panning/moving the camera after releasing it. It can vary depending on the execution, going so far as to appearing directly behind certain characters.

Fixed Bugs


When Oz triggers Overload or Superconduct with his Normal Attack, he generates a Particle for each enemy hit by the reaction. This is called "turbo" Energy generation. By using this mechanic in clumps of enemies, you can gain far more Particles per Oz summon than you would normally be able to. Turbo team compositions are built to force this interaction often to fuel expensive Elemental bursts. This in turn reduces the Energy Recharge investment for units, which allows for more investment into damage.

Number of EnemiesC0-C5 ParticlesC6 Particles

Assumptions: maximum uptime utilizing Burst, Oz is the trigger for all 10/12 attacks, and the reactions that occur hit all enemies for 12/15 reactions per minute.

Units in a Turbo Team

  • Fischl
  • Aura Setter
    • Cryo Unit for Superconduct Turbo
    • Pyro Unit for Overload Turbo
  • Last two slots are flexible
    • Although for Superconduct Turbo, a secondary Cryo unit may be required to maintain Cryo aura

Pyro Aura

  • Xiangling
  • Klee

Cryo Aura

  • Kaeya + Chongyun
  • Kaeya + Diona
  • Kaeya + Rosaria

Flex Slot

Any unit fits here, but the units that benefit most from Turbo are Energy-hungry units. Since turbo allows team compositions to capitalize on turbo's obscene Energy generation by running Beidou, Xiangling, and/or Xingqiu on more offense-oriented stats over Energy Recharge.

Important: Always use the Aura Setter's Burst before deploying Oz in your rotations, the opposite may yield Electro aura and not generate turbo Energy.

Additional Notes:

  • When using a character with the same Element as the current aura you will not be able to utilize Fischl's A4 since the on-field character will not be the trigger.

Hotpot is a team comp revolving around the concept of using 4 different elements (Pyro/Hydro/Electro/Cryo) and turboing,

A guide to cooking hotpot by Sayline #5959

Sample recipes:

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