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Resources and Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Resin to Stardust Exchange Comparison

Blue (XP) leylines are more stardust-efficient than Gold (Mora) leylines.

  • Exp Leyline: 65.33 Stardust/Resin
  • Mora Leyline: 60 Stardust/Resin
  • Magic Crystal Ore: 60 Stardust/Resin

Artifact EXP Efficiency

  • 2-star artifact vendors are, on average, 70.99% more EXP per resin than farming artifact domains for artifact EXP.
  • NPC shops sell 12.6K artifact XP worth of 2* artifacts for 30K Mora.
  • The mora cost of buying out the NPC shops is equal to 360 realm currency.
  • NPC shop artifacts are more worth to buy than sanctifying essence.
  • For a mathematical analysis on the artifact rolling system, see the artifact probability thesis.

Crafting refund vs increase passives

Eula and albedo's passive has a 10% chance to give more materials while Xingqiu and Mona has a 25% chance to refund a part of the materials used. By simulating a very large number of crafts we found that Eula/Albedo's passive is actually 10% better than than Xingqiu/Mona. If you take into account the initial talent books for the comparison then the difference is a whopping 1%.

Crafting Refund Vs Increase Passives At 3n+1 Items

When you have 3n+2 of a material it is worth using the "25% chance to refund" passive (e.g. that of Xingqiu) repeatedly till you get to a multiple of 3. When you have 3n or 3n+1, you should craft only using the "10% chance to double the product" passive (e.g. that of Layla). In the rare case that you do not plan to craft any more of this product, and you have 3n+1, then you might consider craft using the "25% chance to refund" passive repeatedly till you get to a multiple of 3.

Realm Currency Exchange Rate

Initial Analysis by Mateng#4507

Vault Entry

  • 4 Wits / 1200 RC (1 Wit = 120 RC)
  • 100000 mora / 1200 RC (1 mora = .012 RC)
  • 20 MEOs / 1200 RC (1 MEO = 60 RC)
  • 60 resin / 1200 RC

The most Resin-efficient purchase order at the Realm Depot is to claim the Magic Enhancement Ores every week, then the Wits, and then the Mora (assuming that the Traveler has already claimed the Transient Resin if they wish to).

For Travelers who wish to maximize Stardust and minimize Realm Currency: target Magic Enhancement Ores -> EXP -> Mora at Paimon's Bargains in the Shop. Inverse this priority (Mora -> EXP -> Magic Enhancement Ores) if Travelers wish to maximize Realm Currency and minimize Stardust.

Extended Analysis by chowr#0522

Vault Entry

  • XP Book: 0.0272 Resin/RC (Resin per RC)
  • MEO: 0.0278 Resin/RC
  • Mora: 0.0278 Resin/RC
  • Artifact XP (Small): 0.0376 Resin/RC
  • Artifact XP (Large): 0.0376 Resin/RC
  • Transient Resin: 0.05 Resin/RC

Buying out both of the Artifact XP options allows the player to essentially receive a full day's worth of resin from their Realm Shop, should they purchase all of the artifact XP tinctures, as well as the Transient Resin. It is entirely possible to do this, as the total cost comes out to 4800 RC, and the highest possible expenditure each week is 5040 RC.

Battle Pass Resin Value

The $10 BP gives rewards worth approximately 1800 Resins = 45 Condensed Resin = 30 Fragile Resins in the form of EXP books, Mora, and talent books.

  • This does not include the Weapon Enhancement Ores, Fates, Primogems, and BP exclusive Weapons.

Weekly BP Cap During Launch Week

Reaching BP Weekly EXP limit during launch week requires sacrifices.
Possible sacrifices are:

  • Spend a total of 500,000 Mora.
    • It's easy to spend it if you're planning to level anything.
  • Purchase 2 items from the Teapot Traveling Salesman in another player's Serenitea Pot.
    • Requires sacrificing possible resin gains from purchasing Mora/fodder/EXP for Realm Currency - it's 80 Realm Currency in order to reach it.
  • Use a total of 1200 Original Resin.
    • Only NA is capable of doing this and not even by a huge margin - you can use up to 1237 resin assuming perfect server maintenance end and x2 Transient Resin.
    • If you're not a hardcore player, you need to either make a refill with Primogems or utilize Fragile Resins.

Reunion Blessing bonus Consumption Priority

If the Reunion Blessing bonus from the Stellar Reunion event is active alongside either the Ley Line Overflow or Overflowing Mastery event, the Reunion Blessing bonus will be prioritized.


  • Cheapest 3* instant heal (assuming 20k HP): Mondstadt Hashbrowns, 8.57 Health/Mora
  • Most Mora-efficient heal (assuming 20k HP): Grilled Tiger Fish, 11.23 Health/Mora
  • Cheapest Revive: Teyvat Fried Egg, 180 Mora if bought from restaurant
  • Most Mora-efficient sprinting stamina reduction: Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, 850 Mora
  • As other effects such as ATK buffs and CRIT Rate buffs cannot be stacked, it is generally advised to use the best possible food in those categories rather than using the most mora-efficient food.
  • Character with extra dish passive can duplicate their specialties while cooking.

Destroy Mechanics

The destroy function in your inventory is the only way to mass delete/destroy items in the game other than the Parametric Transformer. However, the function itself is limited and the resources gained from destroying items are not worth compared to using them as fodder.

Destroying Artifacts will give mora equal to the amount of artifact XP. While destroying weapons, will give a number of 1 star enhancement ores based on the rarity of the weapon (3 for 3 stars, 2 for 2 stars, 1 for 1 star).

Destroying +0 Artifacts:

RarityArtifact XPMora from Destroying
4 Star25202520
3 Star12601260
2 Star840840
1 Star420420

Destroying Level 1 Weapons:

RarityWeapon XPCrystal XP from Destroying
3 Star18001200
2 Star1200800
1 Star600400

Can't be Destroyed:

  • 5* artifacts
  • 5* or 4* Weapons
  • Refined 3* weapons
  • Character Development Materials
  • Food (except apples and sunsettia)
  • Gadgets
  • Quest Items
  • Precious Items

Certain material items can be destroyed, but they don't give anything when destroyed, the same goes for apples and sunsettias too. However, not all material items can be destroyed, as of now, there is no consistent reason as to why.

Overworld Farming

  • Crabs that you approach and fail to pick up will respawn after leaving their render distances and coming back.
  • There exists an investigation daily limit of 100. After that, you cannot "investigate" to pick up items anymore. This limit resets at daily reset.
    • It is possible to go beyond this number by not leaving the rendered zone after picking up the 100th investigation spot.
    • As of Patch 2.5, the theoretical maximum is 184 investigation spots. For more information, see this Vault Entry.
  • There is a random event daily limit of 10. After that, you receive no reward when completing random events that day.
  • The inventory cap for Crystal Chunks is 9999, but players can overcap and reach 10006 by claiming Crystal Chunks as an Expedition reward, with 9998 already in their inventory.
  • The inventory cap for berries is also 9999, it's very likely that all resources cap at 9999.
  • The Chasm offers some special ores that can be easily identified by a blue aura around them. These ores drop extra chunks when broken.

Artifact Drop Spots

There are two types of artifact spots:

  • "No mora" class - Spots from this class never drop Mora and always drop a single piece of artifact with 65% chance it being white artifact and 35% chance for green.
  • "Has mora" class - Spots from this class always drop some amount of mora (200 on average), also the always drop white artifacts (1.5 on average) and never drop green artifacts.

Ore Farming

  • 1.2 ore per average seems consistent for all types of ores (excluding starsilver which there are currently not enough statistics). There are some fluctuations due to low sample size for Iron and White Iron and due to the event of 3 chunks having very low probability. But overall seems consistent. They sometimes drop two chunks, sometimes three and never one.
  • Iron, White and Crystal chunk are all possible drops.
  • Check the Evidence Vault for more data

Bush Droprates

Bushes have a 8% chance to drop loot, they will drop:

  • Lizards
  • Eggs
  • Matsutakes
  • Fireflies (night-time only)
  • This information can be used together with the infinite spawning bushes bug to farm these materials.

Bane-Duki Respawn

Some bake-danukis that end up with investigation spot respawn. They seem to follow common enemies respawn pattern (12h), however it's still unclear.


Selecting a Talent/weapon domain before the daily reset will freeze the material type until you leave the domain. This means that if you re-enter the domain using the Resin reward screen UI then you will receive the same material on consecutive runs.

Resource Limits

Capped Enhancement Ores

These are the consequences of having capped (9999) Mystic Enhancement Ores:

  • Abyss rewards are sent to the mail and cannot be collected.

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore from the Battle Pass cannot be collected.

  • Completing a random event will not yield any Ore rewards but will still give companionship EXP and Mora.

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore cannot be crafted at the blacksmith.

  • Completing a daily commission, however, CAN and WILL give Mystic Enhancement Ore, even exceeding the 9999 cap.

Maximum Original Resin

Original Resin can go past the cap of 160, up to a cap of around 2000 Resin.

The previous Original Resin Cap of 120 still exists for accounts that last logged in before the cap was changed. It only updates on logging in.

Crafted Food Item Limit

Crafted food items have a limit of 2000 per unique item.

Tree Mechanics

  • You can only collect 2,000 of any specific wood per day. This limit resets at server reset and cannot be reset by relogging/teleporting.

Lumberjack Tierlist

The most efficient units for tree chopping:

  • Thoma
  • Keqing
  • Rosaria
  • Xiao

Details: Google Doc

Tree Chopping Memory Mechanics

The game can only remember the 10 most recently-struck trees at a time. After the 11th tree is hit, the 1st tree's state is wiped from the memory and can be harvested again. However, if a previously harvested tree is struck again BEFORE this, it will be moved back into the sequence as the most recently updated item. Partial harvests also count the same as full harvest or re-harvest. Tree types that have been capped still contribute to the chopping memory, allowing for very unbalanced hybrid routes (like 1 cuihua to 10 cedar) to function even if one of the types have been capped.

Elemental Infusion Hampers Wood Cutting

Elemental infusions will generally prevent chopping wood with normal attacks.

Unholy Harvesting Methods

Attacks that shake untouched trees, including enemy attacks, can allow them to be harvested using a small number of Elemental Skills in a short window. We explored this to find several things.

  • Shaking a tree marks it as a target for a wider variety of Skills. Some attacks, like Mona's E, can only shake already-marked trees, and do nothing.
  • All Physical damage sources & an odd assortment of character Skills (Jean's E, Kaeya's Q) can shake/mark.
  • Marks last a very short time.
  • Some Skills and Overloads can harvest. Characters like Bennett and Xingqiu can harvest using E Skills, while Razor can harvest with E only if he uses Overload.
  • Melee normal attacks can sometimes whiff on a tree. This still marks the tree and enables harvesting via Elemental Skill.

Tree Mark Mechanics

  • Tree marks last for 5 seconds and cannot be extended with subsequent hits during this duration.
  • Marking trees and the duration of the mark are both client-side.

Evidence Vault

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