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Simultaneous Reaction Priorities

Simultaneous reaction priority theory is an expansion of the Elemental Gauge Theory. The findings here have validated EGT and this presents a few practical uses of the findings. The EGT has been Critical in understanding what happens when simultaneous reactions occur.

Mandatory reading:

📄️ Elemental Gauge Theory

The current method of explaining all game mechanics involving elements

Also as someone who programs, nothing really ever happens "at the same time" - Hail#2970

Hail is absolutely correct. In reality, nothing is happening at the same time, however, what may appear to be a single event might be many, and each with particular steps in its resolution. Simultaneous Reaction Priorities (SRP) examines exactly that, events that occur within short periods of time and the steps and order in which they are resolved.

For example: Kazuha's Burst with an Element absorbed will apply both that Element and Anemo within a very short period of time. A major focus of current SRP is in the interactions involving Kazuha's Burst with an Element absorbed. These interactions can be a bit unintuitive. One might assume that there are only two possibilities, that the Anemo damage and Element is applied first or the absorbed damage and Element is applied first, in all situations. However, this is not the case.

SRP is examined on a case by case basis. This document details our current knowledge on these interactions.