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Elemental Absorption

Elemental Absorption is the capability of certain Anemo abilities to be infused with either Hydro, Pyro, Cyro, or Electro. Such abilities can only be infused once with a single Element per use, and will deal damage of that type periodically throughout the ability's duration.

Absorption Triggers

Absorption is not yet fully understood, and some of its details specifically around its inconsistency in triggering are still being investigated. A full list of sources which can act as triggers for Absorption has yet to be created.

So far it is understood that Anemo abilities with Absorption will always absorb from direct contact with:

  • Hydro, Pyro, Cyro, and Electro auras on objects, enemies, and players
  • Environmental effects that inflict the above elements
  • Hydro, Pyro, and Electro but not Cryo charged arrows

This means that it is insufficient to simply attack the Anemo ability with an Elemental Skill or infused weapon. If the Skill has the capability to infuse the character with an absorbable Element, then the character can then touch the ability to trigger absorption, or alternatively an enemy can be used as a carrier. The character touching the ability prior to Absorption can also trigger some on-hit-taken effects.

Absorption Priority

When there are multiple elements in range of the Anemo ability it will absorb according to Elemental priority only. This priority is different between abilities and is either one of two orders:

  1. Cryo > Pyro > Hydro > Electro
    • Anemo Traveler Skill
    • Anemo Traveler Burst
  2. Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo
    • Venti Burst
    • Sucrose Burst
    • Kazuha Burst
    • Kazuha Skill
    • Sayu Skill

Aura Checks

Aura-checks are zero-damage attacks produced by Anemo Absorption attacks to check for Auras.

  • Aura-checks have different verticalities to their original attack, have set frequencies which differ per Skill/burst, and can trigger some passive talents that activate on hit.
  • Aura-checks can hit cats.
  • For more information about their properties, see the Vault Entry.

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