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Weapon Infusion

Infusion is a mechanic that converts a character's attacks to a specific Element. This affects all Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunge Attacks. Infusions can be overridden unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Infusions apply a 1WU (Weapon Gauge Unit) every refresh timing if overrideable. This follows standard reaction principles.

List of Infusions and Characteristics

CharacterInfusion AbilityElementTargetCan be overridden?Refresh Timing
AyakaAlternate SprintCryoSelfYesOnly on cast
BennettElemental Burst (With C6)PyroField (Melee)Yes1s
CandaceElemental BurstHydroOn-Field Character (Melee)YesN/A
ChongyunElemental SkillCryoField (Melee)Yes1s
CynoElemental BurstElectroSelfNoN/A
DilucElemental BurstPyroSelfYes0.5s if not Pyro
Hu TaoElemental SkillPyroSelfNoN/A
IttoElemental BurstGeoSelfNoN/A
KazuhaElemental Burst / Skill (With C6)AnemoSelfYesOnly on cast
KeqingElemental Skill (With A1 Passive)ElectroSelfYesOnly on cast
NoelleElemental BurstGeoSelfNoN/A
RaidenElemental BurstElectroSelfNoN/A
XiaoElemental BurstAnemoSelfNoN/A
YoimiyaElemental SkillPyroSelfNoN/A

Arrow Infusion

Arrows are continuously self-infused with the same Elemental Gauge of the attack.

List of Arrow Infusions by Element

ElementInfused Arrow

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