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Golden Wolflord

Hailing from a dark world, this ruler of the black wolves has the power to call upon its followers, its hidden claws, to dissolve space itself and forge a rift through which it may enter.

The Wolflord has no name, for it was but one of "Gold"'s unintentional creations, and that is precisely why it is obsessed with invading worlds that do not belong to it and making a name for itself.

That said, the wolf pack is far from unintelligent. After suffering a defeat in its previous invasion, a deserted island where no humans or protectors dwell has been selected for them to prepare for their lord's descent.

Energy Drops

HP ThresholdTypeElement
75% HP1 Orb + 1 ParticleOwn Element
50% HP1 Orb + 1 ParticleOwn Element
25% HP1 Orb + 1 ParticleOwn Element
Death1 Orb + 1 ParticleOwn Element

Resistance Table

During Elemental Devourer, the Golden Wolflord gets -20% Geo RES, resulting in 5% final Geo RES.

Damage TypeResistance

Stat Block



  • Ramming attack: The initial action includes flying up, then do multiple spins: counter-clockwise to clockwise to counter-clockwise. It takes about 5 sec to finish the moveset (starting from the flying up). With enough tanking capabilities, you can combine the ~4 sec grounded during this moveset and the 6 sec stunned to deal more damage.
  • Tornado: It starts with twirling counter-clockwise at the center of arena, generating wind currents, before diving and creating the "Tornado". The overall moveset lasts for ~16 sec, after which the GW will be stunned. During the tornado attack, GW is still susceptible to damage. The tornado can also get stuck on Geo Constructs.
  • Sweep: Initiated by raising its head, then sweeping/lashing clockwise using its tail with a relatively big AoE. The overall moveset lasts for ~4 sec, but is only grounded for ~2 sec.
  • Laser Beam: Starts with raising of its head a bit, its mouth glowing, before initiating the actual Laser Beam. The beam slowly rakes from an angle, until it reaches ~90 degrees, lasting for 4 sec. The beam deals continuous damage, applying corrosion at a fast rate. The overall moveset lasts for 10 sec, while also being grounded for the whole duration.
  • Skull Strike: The attack is initiated by raising its whole body above ground, then start spewing the "skulls" from its mouth, 1 skull every second. For the first two skulls, it seems the tracking starts before they were actually released, they also travel in an arc to attempt to hit the player at an angle. The third skull seems to travel overhead, also has better tracking. The skulls maybe blocked by constructs. The overall moveset lasts for 6 sec above ground.
  • Earthshaking Dive: Initiated by going into the center, and flying up, then telegraphing a big AoE covering almost the whole arena before diving below ground. The impact from diving deals damage, while the whole sequence lasts for 6 sec. After 1 sec, several AoEs are telegraphed across the room, then explodes after 2 sec, accompanied by the resurfacing of GW at the center that also deals damage. The overall moveset last for 10 sec. This moveset will be used for the first time during the Rifthound Skulls (Shielded Phase) and occasionally afterwards.
  • Elemental Devourer: Upon starting the shielded phase, the Golden Wolflord empowers itself — increasing its ATK by 30%, but decreasing its Geo RES in the process.


  • The stuns after the ramming attack and the tornado last 6s.
  • The stuns after the skulls are broken lasts 24s.
  • While the Golden Wolflord is flying, standing on a Geo Construct can help melee characters hit it. Deployables such as Oz, Ushi, and Yae Miko's totems can as well.