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Maguu Kenki

Doesn't seem to have the ability nor will to speak, but instead only seeks to communicate with crossed swords. It is said that this machine was made using the memories of the first-generation master of a certain sword school. However, it malfunctioned, lost control, and was ultimately discarded. Some sing that the machine's spirit still lingers in the place where its fate was ended. They also say that the vicious mask that serves as its guard was inspired by a famous oni from that era.

Weakspot Details


Energy Drops

HP ThresholdTypeElement
75% HP1 OrbClear
50% HP1 OrbClear
25% HP1 OrbClear
Death1 Orb + 1 ParticleClear

Resistance Table

Damage TypeResistance

Stat Block



  • Maguu Kenki uses several oni masks in battle.
  • Protective Mask: Summons an oni mask to protect it from ranged attacks if it is not performing one of its other attacks.
  • Pushing Mask: Summons a large oni mask in front of it before pushing it forward to deal damage.
  • Exploding Mask: Summons a large oni mask at the player's position that swirls uncontrollably before exploding.
  • Performs a dash creating afterimage behind.
  • Slashes at the player three times.
  • Enters a stance and rushes toward the player while drawing its sword.
  • Enters Iai stance and charges for a while before quickly slashing around itself once.
  • Slashes three times, following the player's current location.
  • The Maguu Kenki will clench and raise its fist to taunt its opponent if they are far away from it after an attack.
    • It is vulnerable to attacks while in this state.
  • At 71% HP, it will become invincible, summon an additional sword, charging up before slamming the ground for a wide AoE, creating crystalline spikes around it, dealing Anemo and Cryo damage.
    • While in this animation, it will be invulnerable.
    • Its' Health cannot be reduced under 70% without executing this attack, if an attack would deal more than 30% of his health at once before this, all overkill damage will be lost.
  • At 71% HP or lower:
    • Phantom: Teleports a short distance away, leaving a phantom in its original place. Both the Maguu Kenki and phantom attack consecutively.
    • Phantom: Enters a stance and charges, slashing rapidly around itself and dragging the player into its area of effect. The phantom appears close to the Maguu Kenki and slashes a larger area of effect. It may perform Dash in the process, making the phantom stay in place.
    • Phantom: Slashes three times, following the player's current location, while the summoned phantom follows closely after. The main body deals Anemo damage, the phantom deals currently Infused Elemental damage.


  • Hitlag can desync some of Maguu Kenki's attacks from their audio cues and phantom attacks, making it harder to properly dodge.