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Primo Geovishap

Weakspot Details


Energy drops


Resistance Table

Starts the battle with +200% Resistances for a few seconds.
Gains +30% Resistance to the infused Element.
Loses -50% Resistance to all after its attack is reflected.

Damage TypeResistance

Stat Block



  • The Primo Geovishap is always encountered in an idle state in one of the four elements; Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro. This additional Element is indicated by the color of the scales on it.
  • Certain attacks will produce stones that detonate after a few seconds delay, dealing Elemental damage of the currently infused Element.
    • Although the stones themselves, when created, deal no damage, the explosion(s) that occur do deal damage.
    • Each Element has different effects on the stones: Pyro-Infused Stones: Leaves a large pool of lava in its wake for a while, dealing continuous Pyro damage to characters in the affected area. Hydro-Infused Stones: Cause seven small eruptions that deal Hydro damage. Each eruption occurs close to the stone's original position. Cryo-Infused Stones: Generates a ring of ice spikes that start from the center of the stone and propagate (up to 3 times) outward, dealing Cryo damage within a moderate area. Electro-Infused Stones: Explodes in an X-like pattern, dealing Electro damage.
  • Quickly punches at the player.
  • Looks behind itself, then performs a quick spinning attack. This attack is heavily prioritized if any players are behind the Primo Geovishap.
  • Claws in front of itself once.
  • Attack forward twice, and ends with a slam towards the player.
  • Targets outside Primo Geovishap's melee reach will cause it to submerge underground and dig towards the enemy, creating Elemental-Infused Stones as it travels. It will also damage characters on contact as it bores through the ground. Upon reaching its destination, it resurfaces and performs a slam.
  • Raises up its tail and scatter a number of rune-covered rocks around the arena that will explode after a short while, dealing the current type of infused Elemental.
    • The attack itself does no damage.
  • Unleash a breath of pure Elemental power, whilst arcing the attack in a cone-like area in front of itself, dealing heavy Elemental damage of the currently infused Element.
  • Spawns a barrage of Elemental-Infused stones around itself.
    • The attack itself deals no damage and can only be used once Primo Geovishap reaches critical health (Approximately less than 10% Max HP).
  • Unleashes a blast of pure Elemental power in a huge AoE around it, dealing immense Elemental damage of the currently infused Element.
  • Will not be performed once Primo Geovishap reaches critical health (Approximately less than 10% Max HP) and will instead perform the attack above.
  • If the player is protected by a shield, no damage will be taken and instead the Primo Geovishap will loss a large amount of health, be knocked back and temporarily lose a large amount of resistances.