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The languid but knowledgeable Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, deemed by Sumeru Akademiya to be their most distinguished graduate in the past two centuries.


Base Stats

Asc.Lv.Base HPBase ATKBase DEFCRIT RateCRIT DMGElemental Mastery
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Normal Attack: Lightning Touch Icon
Normal Attack: Lightning Touch

Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 lightning attacks that deal Electro DMG.

StringTalent 9%FramesMV/sGUPoise DamageImpulse Type

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Electro DMG after a short casting time.

StringTalent 9%FramesMV/sGUICDPoise DamageImpulse Type
Charged Attack301.1%91198.53%/s1U0.5s153

Plunging Attack
Gathering the might of Electro, Lisa plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Electro DMG upon impact with the ground.

TypeTalent 9%Poise DamageImpulse Type
Plunge DMG104.41%52
Low Plunge DMG208.77%503
High Plunge DMG260.76%1004


  • MV/s are calculated using the shortest possible frames without any animation cancels, for different cancels see below.
  • Lisa's 3rd Normal Attack recovery has 2 different animations. She will either teleport backwards or forward depending on the position of her target.
  • Standard ICD, shared with tap Elemental Skill.


NameHitmarkHitlagNext NACA
For general information, see the frames page or the database.
For details on a specific character, see the respective Evidence Vault.

Ascension Passives

General Pharmaceutics Icon
General Pharmaceutics

When Lisa crafts a potion, she has a 20% chance to refund a portion of the crafting materials used.


Infinite Circuit Icon
Infinite Circuit

Lisa regenerates 2 Energy for every opponent hit while holding Violet Arc.
A maximum of 10 Energy can be regenerated in this manner at any one time.


  • This only applies to the Hold E variant.
  • This summons a single special Particle that only provides Energy if Lisa is on field.

Full Talent Values

NameLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4Lv. 5Lv. 6Lv. 7Lv. 8Lv. 9Lv. 10Lv. 11
1-Hit DMG39.6%42.6%45.5%49.5%52.5%55.4%59.4%63.4%67.3%71.3%75.4%
2-Hit DMG35.9%38.6%41.3%44.9%47.6%50.3%53.9%57.5%61.1%64.7%68.4%
3-Hit DMG42.8%46.0%49.2%53.5%56.7%59.9%64.2%68.5%72.8%77.0%81.5%
4-Hit DMG55.0%59.1%63.2%68.7%72.8%76.9%82.4%87.9%93.4%98.9%104.6%
Charged Attack DMG177%190%204%221%235%248%266%283%301%319%337%
Plunge DMG56.8%61.5%66.1%72.7%77.3%82.6%89.9%97.1%104.4%112.3%120.3%
Low/High Plunge DMG114%/142%123%/153%132%/165%145%/182%155%/193%165%/206%180%/224%194%/243%209%/261%225%/281%240%/300%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost: 50.0

Evidence Vault

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