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Skill Mechanics

Barbara E Animation Cancel

By: RoaringMeow#2437 Added: 2020-12-19
Reducing Barbara E animation for optimizing the "first heal"
A mechanic which is super useful to abuse the switch character cooldowns while using character's E between delays. So far I found only Barbara being able to do it consistently
Steps to Reproduce
  • Switch to Barbara
  • Press the button to swap to another character and immediately spam E

Barbara E Cancel Can Proc 4-Piece Set Bonuses

By: Poro#4695 Added: 2022-02-02 Discussion
Finding: Barbara has a small time window during her initial Elemental Skill cast that allows her to dash and cancel the Elemental Skill, while avoiding the cooldown and triggering 4-Piece set bonuses from artifacts.
Evidence: YouTube Video 4-Piece Shimenawa's Reminiscence:
  • Unbuffed: 93 DMG
  • Buffed: 140 DMG
4-Piece Heart of Depth:
  • Unbuffed: 98 DMG
  • Buffed: 109 DMG
Significance: Potential improvement for Main DPS Barbara as you can now avoid her long Elemental Skill cooldown.

Constellation Mechanics

C6: Dedicating Everything to You

C6 Revive Can Be Canceled by Switching

By: yolitme0#0579 Added: 2021-10-31 Discussion
Finding: If a character dies at the same time the player switches characters, the death animation for the dead character will not activate, and neither will the revive from Barbara C6.
Evidence: YouTube The death animation and revive activates for Qiqi, but not for Aloy.
Significance: Barbara C6 is potentially worse as a safety net against death since it can be canceled by switching, which is common in regular play.
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