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Attack Mechanics

Aimed Shot weak-point spam MV/s

By: Zenkai#9872


Accounting for weak-spot hits, theoretical MV/s of aimed shot spam is more competitive with melee stance Childe for single-target scenarios than generally thought.


For calculations, bow charge time averaged at 100 frames to accommodate for human error in practice. Aimed shot gap fill seems to lose out by 20% to N3C.


Aimed shot gap-fill for C0 players is somewhat viable during E downtime, at least for single-target DPS.

Editor’s note (JimminyJon#5698): Disparity between the aimed shot and melee will grow with higher crit rate, as the relative increase to average crit bonus becomes smaller between weak-spot hits and melee normals. Also, weapons like Rust will suffer from -CA DMG. Due to being single target, Aimed shot will also lose out with grouping effects like VH/Venti.

Skill Mechanics

Childe Stance Switch From Ranged to Melee

By: Bioautomaton#5054

Finding: Childe's stance switch from ranged to melee triggers shatter on frozen targets and de-freezes enemies.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/-JP-hYcHons

Significance: Potential interference in niche party combo situations.

Childe E can reset on revive

By: yourmom#9901 Added: 08/01/2021 Discussion

Finding: Childe skill CD reset upon death.

Evidence: In the video, Childe goes into melee stance, jumps off a cliff and dies. I wait a little at the beginning to make sure that Childe doesn't automatically revert back to ranged stance. When Childe revives, he can reenter melee stance without a cooldown. 3 extra test subjects to show that it's Childe specific: 1 2 3. And one more to show that its only skill, not burst.

Significance: You could die, and extend melee duration. probably not that useful tho.

Riptide Mechanics

Riptide Burst (Enemy Kill) can be triggered by other units

By: Cola#4314


Riptide Burst (Enemy Kill) can be triggered by other units.

  • Riptide Burst: Defeating an opponent affected by riptide creates a Hydro burst that inflicts the Riptide status on nearby opponents hit.

We expected it to behave such that the riptide effects can only be triggered by Childe, but for Riptide Burst, it can be triggered by another unit.




Childe can provide additional damage even without C4 when he's off-field.

Riptide Slash Particle Gen ICD

By: Zeitraffer#1074 Added: 03/19/2021

Finding: As multiple players had pointed out, Childe seems to have a fixed 3-second ICD on his particle generation on Riptide Slash. This disproved my previous claim of it generating a particle every proc.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsxSsu1njkU The link above is a video of Childe doing Melee N1 cancels on a marked Ruin Guard. It shows how both Riptide ICD and Particle Gen ICD interacts with one another.

Significance: Just a clarification on how his particle generation works.

Riptide does not snapshot

By: Daybreak#0584 Added: 7/10/2021 Discussion

Finding: Riptide and its related effects do not snapshot, similar to Hu Tao Blood Blossom. This is specifically relevant to Riptide Blast, Riptide Burst, and Childe’s constellation 4: Hydrospout.

Evidence: Riptide Flash, while in Benny Q and without: 573 in field, 314 without Video

Riptide Slash, while in Benny Q and without: 2066 in field, 1296 without Video

Riptide Burst, while in Benny Q and off-field: Burst does 7595 in field, 5085 without Video

Riptide Blast, while in Benny Q and without: Blast does 6212 in field, 3400 without Video

Childe C4, while in Benny Q and off-field: 323 in field, 119 off field Video

Significance: Many of Childe’s comps revolve around using Bennet as a healer. Being aware of whether his riptide effects snapshot or not can affect how you play him. It also keeps the consistent theory that all “mark” abilities do not snapshot.


Chongyun C2 E field affects Childe’s melee stance cooldown

By: ibvfteh#6658 Added: 12/19/2020


Childe's Melee Stance cooldown is shortened by 15% if he's standing in Chongyun C2+ field at the moment he finishes his melee stance.


https://youtu.be/didYpfSR4CY Shoutout to @Andelme


No matter where Childe is entering his Melee Stance, if he's staying inside of Chongyun's field by the end of duration (including manual turning it off) his Cooldown is decreased by 15% (from 45 sec to 38 in linked video).

Childe C4 can proc Beidou Q

By: Daybreak#0584 Added: 09/04/2021 Discussion

Finding: Beidou Q: Stormbreaker, will proc on Childe's riptide flash, and riptide burst as those are counted as instances of "normal attack" damage.

Evidence: In this clip here, we can see instances of chain lightning proccing when c4 is activated every 4 seconds. Youtube

In the second clip here, chain lightning is also proccing on enemy death, due to how riptide burst is counted as an instance of normal attack damage as well. Youtube

Significance: Further cements the fact that Childe is one of the, if not the best partners to pair with Beidou to get the maximum amount of lightning procs off Beidou Q.

Skyward Harp Passive on Childe

By: Cola#4314


Skyward Harp Passive does not trigger if the wielder attacks do not damage the target - testing for Childe in melee stance. If the enemy receives 0 damage from the wielder of the skyward Harp passive, in this case, Childe, the skyward harp passive is not triggered. This same behavior can be observed on his charged shots as well.

  • Skyward Harp Passive: On hit, has a 50% chance to deals 125% damage to enemies in a small AoE every 4s.




Refrain from attacking slimes in your melee form. An obvious fact, but not obvious with Skyward Harp's passive not activating at all.

Childe Can Proc Prototype Crescent's Passive in Melee Form

By: SaosKreator#2700 Added: 5/29/2020 Discussion

Finding: Childe's elemental skill, Foul Legacy: Raging Tides' Charge attacks can proc prototype crescent's passive on Geovishap's weakspots.

Evidence: Prototype Crescent's passive, Unreturning, will activate when a charged attack hits enemies' weakpoints. Since the descriptions never specify it must be a bow charge attack, any charged attacks theoretically can trigger the passive as long as it hits the weakspot of the enemy. Since Geovishaps doesn't get knocked back like other smaller enemies, and their head is luckily, ground level unlike Lectors and Heralds, it is possible to hit the Vishap's head and trigger the passive with Childe's melee cross slash. Evidence and testing is shown on the video below. Video 1 Video 2

Significance: Hopefully, by knowing this, people can start twiddling around this and find much more unique interactions between Crescent's passive and its user, specifically Childe, but that's only because he is the only hybrid unit between melee and range so far. If there is a direct Crescent counterpart in the future(swords, polearms, claymores) and there's a unit that is also a hybrid like Childe, we can be sure that said unit's elemental skill can proc said weapon's passive with their 'special' charged attack. This can also makes running Childe with prototype Crescent a lot more comfortable on abyss that consists of Vishaps, such as Floor 12-1, or Pale Flames Domain.

Childe's Riptide Procs 4 Pale Flame

By: tenten#1010 Added: 6/20/2021 Discussion

Finding: Childe can trigger 4 the 4-piece Pale Flame passive with his riptide in melee form he and keeps buff when he switches back to ranged form since riptide is counted as elemental skill.

Evidence: Video

Signficance: Childe can stack the 4-piece Pale Flame passive in his melee form with riptides.

Childe Melee Charged Attack Misses Stunned Ruin Guard

By: EdisonsMathsClub#6469 Added: 5/10/2021 Discussion

Finding: Childe's Melee charged attack will not register on a stunned Ruin Guard when aiming at its feet

Evidence: Video

Step 1. Remove all crit from Childe so Riptide is not applied, so Riptide Slash does not ruin damage tests Step 2. Stun Ruin Guard Step 3. Melee CA in front of it's feet, and compare the amount of damage numbers (should be 3 since N1CA has 3 parts) Step 4. Melee CA at the side and compare the amount of damage numbers (should also be 3)

From what @itskhoi#0013 found for spear users who have the "dive" CA, Childe suffers from the opposite problem where his CA pushes him back, so he cannot hit the hitbox anymore. Thus, my assumption is that the spear users's "dive" CA hitbox is actually far behind them, thus they cannot hit the ruin guard. This would also explain why the 1st hit of Childe's melee CA hits, but he is pushed back too far by the time the 2nd hit can connect.

Significance: When using Childe's melee CA against stunned ruin guards, go to the side to reliably hit them. In addition, this could mean that the spear "dive" hitbox is actually far behind them, which is why both Childe's 2nd melee CA and spear users with "dive" CA cannot hit ruin guards.

Childe Consistent Normal Attack Forward Vape

By: Rainfury#8343 Added: 6/21/2021 Discussion

Finding: Childe can vape his normal attacks consistently if there are no riptide procs and he doesn't use charged attacks (haven't fully tested his CA yet)

Steps: 1) Remove all Crit rate from Childe 2) Apply pyro on enemy. XL can reapply pyro fast enough for Childe to vape consistently if he never crits and proc riptide 3) Normal attack with childe and hope it doesn't crit and apply riptide

Evidence: Video (thx to Silvershine for helping me record it)

Significance: Just a fun little finding. Can be made into meme builds for a full atk% childe (since shatter Childe is already becoming a meme build, so why not consistent vape Childe too)

Childe Double Forward Vape

By: Daybreak#0584 Added: 07/07/2021 Discussion

Finding: Childe can forward vaporize both his melee burst, and Riptide Blast given enough pyro support. This pyro support can come in the form of as little as Xiangling burst + Gouba, although due to Gouba’s lack of range, lack of braincells and ability to be knocked away, another pyro support is recommended (such as pyro-infused Sucrose).

Evidence: Childe Double Forward Vape Childe DFV Sucrose Childe DFV Venti Childe DFV XL only

Significance: Riptide Blast accounts for roughly ¼ of Childe’s burst damage, scaling quadratically with the number of targets in range. Being able to achieve this double vaporize could increase his damage dramatically.