Can Mona’s 2nd Constellation allow you to trigger Vaporize on a pyro inflicted target twice?

By: Kimmu#0007 Added: 5/12/2020


Although C2 Lunar Chain reads that the Charged Attack will automatically follow the Normal Attack, the Charged Attack is too slow in proccing damage and so by the time the damage registers, the Hydro Normal Attack already removes (and vaporizes) the pyro status on the enemy.

Evidence: **


C2 is not as good as it could be, because the automatic Charged ATK cannot benefit from Vaporize unless pyro is inflicted in the short period in between the Normal Attack and automatic Charged Attack animation.

Is Mona’s Elemental Burst DMG determined at the time of Initial cast or at the time of ‘Bubble Burst’?

By: Chidoge#3163 Added: 5/12/2020


Mona’s Bubble burst damage is determined at the time the bubble is actually triggered, rather than ‘snapshotting’ on the immediate cast.

Evidence: **[**]( **


This will affect how you maximize Mona ult damage and means that you should remain on Mona after casting her Elemental Burst until the last moment where you switch to the pyro character to burst the bubble.

For example, in the perfect combo, the ATK buff provided by Bennett’s Elemental Burst (Q) lasts for ~1-2 seconds after Mona is removed from the field (switched out)

During this time, you can burst the bubble knowing that it will do more damage based on the extra ATK from Bennett's ult. However, if you switch out for too long, Mona will lose the ATK buff and the bubble burst will not benefit from the ATK buff.

How many Elemental Particles does Mona’s Elemental Skill Generate?

By: Curiously#2324 Added: 5/12/2020


Mona's E gens 3 or 4 Hydro particles on explosion, seemingly weighted towards 3 particles per cast.

Evidence: **


The fact that Mona's particle gen is seemingly random means there's an RNG aspect to getting her ult up consistently too. May warrant further testing on other characters to see if other fluctuations in particle gen exists. May need to test whether the particle generation is truly random or if there is a pattern.

What Attack String Combo Outputs the Highest DPS for Mona?

By: Baezal#0868 Added: 27/12/2020


2AA + 1 Charged ATK with Jump Cancelling (JC) provides the greatest DPS for Mona’s attack string.

Evidence: **


Even without jump cancelling, 2AA + Charged provides similar DPS to Charged JC. Cementing that when Mona is attacking, it is ideal to try to maintain 2 AA + 1 Charged, even if you are not JCing. Note that if you run out of stamina, even 3AA + Charged is still better than 4AA JC.

Does Mona’s 15% C1 Boost to Vaporize DMG apply to Mona’s Q Burst itself?

By: Curiously#2324 Added: 02/02/2021


Mona’s 1st Constellation does not boost her Q Burst damage.



This has been confirmed due to math being done to break down how Mona's Q Burst damage works and it's been seen that C1 makes the formula wrong. However, just to triple check, there is now clear evidence that the damage difference between C0 and C1 does not change.

Is the Omen Damage Buff included in Mona’s Elemental Q Burst DMG?

By: Gibbigobo#9750 Added: 23/02/2021


Yes, despite the talent description stating that Omen applies after the bubble pops, it in fact applies as soon as Mona’s Elemental Q Burst is cast. See also Boesik#3192’s calculator which you can also use to verify these results.


You can see when calculations INCLUDE the Omen Damage buff DMG% values, you get the correct damage calculation to 3 significant figures.

See also:

In the first screenshot below. If I were to remove Omen from the calculations, the numbers become obscure and incorrect.

In the second screenshot below, If I were add back the Omen damage bonus to the calculations, we now see accurate numbers that matches up with the actual ingame testing results.

Rosaria's Passive Affects Mona's Alternate Sprint

By: Aetherpon#5730 Added: 04/09/2021

Finding: Rosaria's Passive affects Mona's alternate sprint and stacks on top of anemo resonance.


It's actually a smaller buff than one would think, but there is a slight difference in distance travelled.

Significance: Despite alternate sprints not benefiting from regular sprint passives (Razor/Kaeya), they do gain buffs from general movement speed buffs (like Rosaria's passive).

Mona's Sprint Takes Priority over Skill

By: Keqing#1111 Added: 4/21/2021 Discussion

Finding: If you cast Mona's skill, but then hit the dash key before Mona's taunt is out, Mona will dash instead of finishing her skill cast. This differs from other characters, who cannot start sprinting until their skill has finished casting.


Signifiance: Mona shouldn't dash until her skill is finished casting. This skill cancellation may also occur in the future for future characters with Mona-style alternate sprints.

Mona Omen and C1 Buff Mechanics

By: Kgbeast#6738 Added: 5/11/2021 Discussion

Finding: Omen damage % bonus is additive with other damage % bonuses and the C1 bonus is additive with EM reaction bonuses

Evidence: Using the damage formula the expected damage of attacks under certain conditions was calculated for both scenarios, if Omen DMG% was multiplicative or additive: Google sheets These values were tested in game versus a ruin guard with and without omen to prove the formula was correctly used. All damage numbers found were in line with the omen DMG% being additive and not multiplicative. Video Similarly, the value of vaporize reactions were calculated assuming the reaction bonus from Mona C1 is additive with EM reaction bonuses and tested with and without C1 active and EM to show C1 is additive with EM reaction bonuses Video Testing with C1 Video Testing without C1 active

Significance: Proper understanding of how Omen and C1 affect damage and reactions

C2 Mona Aura for Xiangling

By: Raf#7220 Added: 6/7/2021 Discussion

Finding: A C2 Mona using N2C applies enough hydro to overtake the pyro application of Xiangling's Pyronado, even if pyro starts out as the aura.


Significance: Xiangling Q applies too much pyro for Mona to successfully be the aura most of the time, although when the C2 proc goes off it DOES allow Xiangling to pryo vape.

Omen Extension on Certain Enemies in Certain States

By: Aetherpon#5730 Added: 6/7/2021 Discussion

Finding: Illusory Bubble can be extended to its maximum duration in specific scenarios with certain enemies without using Freeze. The enemies that work are Shielded Lawachurl, leaping Geovishap, Shielded Pyrogunner, and Shielded Geochanter


Significance: Allows for longer use of Omen's buff to said enemies in team comps outside of freeze.