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Traveler (Hydro)

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πŸ“„οΈ Traveler (Hydro)

A traveler from another world who had their only kin taken away, forcing them to embark on a journey to find The Seven.

Basic Mechanics​

Attack Mechanics​

Skill Mechanics​

  • The Arkhe: Pneuma Spiritbreath Thorn can proc the reset on Sacrificial Sword - @jyro10

  • Hold Skill shoots a total of 22 Dewdrops over the maximum duration. The last Dewdrop is fired simulatenously with the Torrent Surge attack. - @bobrokrot

  • Traveler (Hydro) remains stationary for a time after using Hold E on ice bridge and the ice bridge melts. Before they fall into the water, they cannot be controlled. - YouTube - @.whalien

Burst Mechanics​

  • Burst doesn't stop against Enemies, Geo Constructs or walls. - @jyro10

Ascension Mechanics​

Constellation Mechanics​


  • Sourcewater Droplets from Skill function similarly to Klee/Aloy Skill when interacing with Anemo abilities. Droplets can be pulled. Burst cannot be pulled. Droplets do not explode at the same time. Droplets do not have innate Hydro aura. - @eyezor.

    • Imgur - Kazuha pulling HMC Skill but not Burst; Droplets did not explode at the same time
    • Imgur - Kazuha did not absorb Hydro with just the droplets
    • Imgur - Venti doesn’t pull either Skill or Burst
    • Imgur - Venti test 2
    • Imgur - Sucrose Skill and Burst pull HMC Skill but not Burst
    • Imgur - Sucrose test 2
  • In co-op, Sourcewater Droplets from other Hydro Travelers do not exist for you. You cannot see other their Sourcewater Droplets and you cannot use them to regain HP. - YouTube - @shampoobrain