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Skill Mechanics

Xingqiu E Double Vaporize

By: Zeitraffer#1074
How to vaporize both of Xingqiu’s E slashes with either Gouba or Amber
Evidence: Video
There are 2 methods of doing it. You can use Xiangling’s E and time it on Gouba’s attack. The easier method is by using Amber’s ult, you only need to cast E to do it.
For one-shot (or two-shot) compilations, although I’m not sure if this team comp is better since you will lose Barbara’s E buff.

Xingqiu Rain Sword DMG Reduction is a conferrable attribute

By: elijam#7142 Added: 2021-07-18 Discussion
Finding: Xingqiu Rain Sword DMG reduction does not take the Hydro DMG bonus gained from Kazuha's A4 into account. Because it's an attribute sharing effect which scale based on a character's own attributes, therefore would not factor in to calculations of further similarly scaling attribute sharing effects.
Significance: A team consists of Kazuha and Xingqiu may have marginally less survivability than they would, because damage reduction did not count as a conferrable attribute.

XQ rain sword shattering cooldown

By: Lee Roy Leoncio#3769 Added: 2021-09-06 Discussion
Finding: The shattering of Xingqiu's rain swords on his Elemental Skill has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds before another rain sword can be shattered.
Evidence: Youtube
Significance: The 4 swords cannot shatter simultaneously, so you can have a very small window of safety after one sword is shattered.

Xingqiu’s Rain Sword Damage Reduction does Snapshot

By: wiremash#0433
Xingqiu's Rain Swords Do Snapshot
Tested with C2 Barbara and compared the received damage with and without the Hydro buff.
While Xingqiu's burst Hydro Swords are dynamic, the damage reduction from the Rain Swords is snapshot (both E and Q).
Editor’s Note:
Verified. Also, a similar instance occurs when using Streaming Essential Oil (25% Hydro DMG% increase potion), so we know it's not limited to just Barbara.

Xingqiu Damage Reduction is Affected By Omni Damage Bonus

By: Balakin1#7545 Added: 2022-05-05 Discussion
Finding: Xingqiu's damage reduction is affected by omni-damage bonus effects such as the one from Mistsplitter's passive.
Explanation/Math: For the "DR in theory" values, it was 26% + .2 * (81.6% + x), with x being 12% and (12 + 16)% being added for MSR0 and MSR2 respectively, otherwise 0 For the "DR in practice" values, it was 1-(largest number)/(No E's largest number) Note: there are 3 damage numbers because I finished gathering clips vs a lawachurl before someone suggested using an electro crystal TL7, 81.6% Damage bonus w/o weapon
No E: 771, 1543, 3086 (0% DR) Sac : 445, 890, 1780 (42.32% DR in theory, 42.320% DR in practice) MSR0: 426, 853, 1706 (44.72% DR in theory, 44.718% DR in practice) MSR2: 414, 828, 1656 (47.92% DR in theory, 46.338% DR in practice)
Significance: Better understanding of Xingqiu's Damage Reduction and how it interacts with different sources of Elemental DMG Bonus.

Xingqiu E Dash Cancel Animation

By: Charliex3000#9403 Added: 2021-03-18
XQ E dash cancel is faster than ult cancelling.
38 frames to dash cancel, 71 frames to ult cancel, 92 frames without a cancel to swap.
Dash to swap is faster since it takes longer without a cancel to swap.

Xingqiu actual Rain Sword ICD

By: Tsym#2586 Added: 2021-09-22 Discussion
Finding: Xingqiu Orbital ICD is 2.25 Seconds
Evidence: Imgur: Swirl goes off at 00:56, 03:11, and 05:27
Significance: Better knowledge for teambuilding and rotations.

Burst Mechanics

Xingqiu's Q Damage Calculation is Dynamic

By: IonFox#8887
XQ ult is dynamic and not a snapshot.
Evidence: Video (source : @Ashen Cenpi)
XQ ult is cast and used against an enemy to determine a baseline.
  • NingGuang holding 4 petra creates a hydro crystal and picks it up, granting the team 35% hydro damage.
  • Hydro sword damage then observed to increase.
Note: Crystal is picked up after the 2nd wave of swords so hydro res shred from C2 already accounted for.
XQ ult is dynamic and not a snapshot, buffs/value changes received after casting still affect damage. Previous interaction with dragonslayers is likely a result of the dragonslayers bug currently floating around.

Xingqiu Sword Rain "Buffering"

By: Charliex3000#9403 Added: 2021-03-21
XQ ult wave comes out if you are in an auto animation at the time the ICD ends. It does not actually buffer.
  • First set of 2: Click-> wait 500 ms -> click -> wait 600 MS -> swap
  • Second set of 2: Click -> wait 500 ms -> click -> wait 400 MS -> swap
Clears up how exactly "XQ buffers." Additionally pending some extra tests about how long the active window for an auto to proc rain swords it.

Xingqiu Hydro Aura Persistence

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2021-04-05
Finding: After Xingqiu's burst ends, there is a period where you can still imbue a hydro aura even if the orbitals visually disappeared. Upon further investigation, XQ's orbitals don't disappear completely, rather, they degenerate into particles of hydro that still appear around XQ for a set duration of time (about 47 frames from the moment the swords blink before exploding until the last bits of hydro particles disappear).
  • Vid 1: I used XQ's burst here. Video was left to play a bit longer to show elemental aura gauge unit for "invisible" hydro aura (it is 1A).
  • Vid 2: I used XQ's skill here. Same "invisible" hydro aura is observed as with his burst.
  • GIF 1: Portion of Vid 2 where XQ orbitals break, magnified. Using this clip, I counted 47 frames for hydro particle persistence, starting from the moment the swords blink prior to shattering, and ending at the few frames when XQ imbues hydro on the ruin guard.
  • GIF 2: Slowed down version of GIF 1. Here, the hydro particles are easier to observe.
Significance: Limit testing of XQ.

Xingqiu Q's Rain Sword Damage Reduction Overrides E's

By: Charliex3000#9403 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: Xingqiu's Q/E damage reduction snapshots. But with Q always overriding E before swapping. After swapping, the Damage Reduction uses the more recently cast Q/E.
Evidence: Always takes Q prior to swapping: Video Video
Takes more recently cast Q: Video
Takes more recently cast E: Video Video Video
Significance: We understand more about how XQ's damage reduction works. Additionally, this means that doing Q-N1-E with Mistsplitter XQ gives better damage reduction than E-Q-N1, especially if using C6 Bennett or Chongyun.

Xingqiu Burst and Long Normal Attack Animation Interaction

By: Kaya#5005, Xandellicia#4609, Dooners#6709 Added: 2022-04-10 Discussion
Finding: It is possible to trigger Xingqiu Burst Sword Rain multiple times on a single Normal Attack if the animation is long enough.
Evidence: All Testing was done on 2.6 at 60 fps. Did on both high ping and low ping and seems that its not ping dependant. Looks like if the animation is longer than 1 second, it can proc 2 sets of waves. Although some animations take a long time they don't trigger it like Keqing's one.
Significance: Documenting how on-normal-animation effects can actually trigger multiple times if the animation is long enough. Other units may exist or be added with normal animation triggers or super long animations that may take advantage of this.

Each Burst Wave Snapshots When Summoned

By: lucianekat#7757 Added: 2022-07-28 Discussion
Finding: Each wave of sword rain attacks from Xingqiu's burst snapshots buffs when summoned.
  • Without TTDS, Xingqiu's ATK was 1181 and one hit from his burst did 432 damage on a crit: YouTube
  • With TTDS, Xingqiu's ATK was 1485 and one hit from his burst did 544 damage on a crit: YouTube
  • In this video, I applied the TTDS buff to Xingqiu (ATK became 1485) and then summoned a wave of Xingqiu's sword rain attacks just before the TTDS buff ran out. The result was that the sword rain attacks did 544 damage on a crit (the damage of a hit buffed by TTDS). We know TTDS expired before the enemy was hit since Xingqiu's ATK was 1181 on the character screen just before the attack hit.
Significance: Better understanding of Xingqiu's burst and snapshotting. Although in practice, Xingqiu's burst uses buffs dynamically, once a wave of sword rain attacks is summoned, that wave has snapshotted Xingqiu's stats and is NOT dynamic anymore.

Constellation Mechanics

C6: Hence, Call Them My Own Verses

Xingqiu C6 3rd Wave Applies Hydro Twice

By: gacha4life#2525 Added: 2021-03-17
Significance: For vape comps with C6 XQ, every 3rd sword wave basically guarantees hydro aura. For EC comps, it makes it more likely for the electro to be the trigger. Generally speaking, it gives XQ greater hydro aura potential.


Xingqiu EQE vs QEE

By: Steno#0119 Added: 2022-03-16 Discussion
Finding: Xingqiu EQE leads to about a 0.5 - 1s longer rotation time on average compared to QEE or EEQ in teams where Xingqiu E CD gates the rotation time.
This is because when performing EQE, his E CD is not ticking down during Q cast, whereas with QEE, this problem is avoided.
Additional notes:
  • QEE has the highest damage from C4.
  • EEQ has the highest energy potential for Xingqiu due to him catching particles from both Es.
  • EQE is the easiest combo to perform since it does not require dash cancels. In terms of animation time, the three combos are close enough that human error renders the differences minimal.
Evidence: Video 1: This clip compares EQE (left) and QEE (right) side by side with E CDs shown in the bottom right corners. The frame counter starts at the beginning of the first E press on both clips, and right clip starts to pull ahead by a larger margin for every rotation.
Video 2 (evidence for additional notes): Very rough comparison between the three combos, NOT FRAME PERFECT, this is meant to show how fast an average player would perform these combos.
Significance: Optimizing rotation times on teams with Xingqiu.
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