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📄️ Candace

A descendant of King Deshret with an amber left eye. The defender of Aaru Village.

Basic Mechanics


  • Gauges - Puffin#9920
    • E (tap and hold): 1U - Video
    • Q: 1U
    • Q (after swapping): 1U - Video
  • ICDs:
    • E - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Q (after swapping) - No ICD - Imgur - Aftermath#7658
    • C6 Procs - No ICD - Video - username#5125
  • Snapshotting:
    • E and Q: Dynamic - Video - Bobrokrot#0111
  • Frame data - Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675

Attack Mechanics

  • Candace N2 is blunt. - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920

Skill Mechanics

  • Tap and hold E are blunt. Tap E can Shatter but hold E doesn't Shatter despite it being blunt. - f̸̒͂ỏ̶̂o̵͌̚s̶͊̏h̷̤̀ḯ̴̊#9920
  • Candace's counter has no startup, it is active as soon as the UI greys out. However, there is a variable delay between key press and activation dependent on input delay.- Aftermath#7658
  • Tap E creates 2 Particles each time it hits an enemy. - Puffin#9920
    • 16 trials, no case where 2 Particles are not produced - Video
  • Hold E creates 3 Particles each time it hits an enemy. - Puffin#9920
    • 5 minutes' worth of trials, should be enough - Video

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Aegis of Crossed Arrows

  • Her A1 will only activate while E is held at the time of getting hit. - Aftermath#7658

Constellation Mechanics

C6: The Overflow

  • Candace C6 has no ICD. - Video - username#5125


  • Candace's infusion overrides C6 Bennett. - Video - Sew#2409
  • Candace can't overwrite Chongyuns infusion. - Video - Sew#2409
  • Candace + Chongyun infusion = Frozen weapon (that does Cryo DMG) - Video - Mystathi#9705
    • Significance: Chongyun doesn’t quite override Candace. What may happen is that the weapon infusions trigger Freeze on the weapon, which depletes both elements and leaves a Frozen aura. This Frozen aura is what deals Cryo DMG. This is more information on weapon infusions and can lead to questions like can a weapon do Cryo and Hydro DMG if there is enough Hydro on it (like how Swirl can Swirl Cryo and Hydro on a Frozen enemy).
  • Interaction between Candace and Keqing infusion results in weapon being Electro-Charged but deals Hydro DMG. - Nass008#8577
    • After Keqing casts her Skill, her weapon gains Electro aura as usual but she still has visual effect of Candace's Hydro infusion. When using Elemental sight, her weapon visually appears as Electro-infused. - Video
    • Even though her weapon has appearance of Electro infusion, Keqing normal attacks under Candace Burst deals Hydro damage. - Video
    • When applying infusions in order of “Candace Burst -> Keqing Skill -> Chongyun Skill”. Superconduct is triggered. Indicating Electro gauge is physically present (not just as a visual effect) even though it does not seem to affect damage type of attacks. - Video
  • Candace N4 string is able to get 12 procs of Beidou's Q pretty easily. Her Q and E timings allow for multiple variations. These combos do require a small amount of timing after the N4, since mashing LMB or dashing into an N1 will make you hit slightly too fast. - Video
    • First combo: N1Q N3 E N4W N4 E N4 The start of this should work well for Candace's setup if swapping to another character. The E should be done slightly before the N3-2 connects to space out for the following N1.
    • Second Combo: N4 E N4W N4 E N4 Potential basic combo after quickswapping in. The E animation is under 1s, so it can be weaved in anywhere after a Beidou proc.
    • Third Combo: 4N4W Initial proof of concept. Main takeaway is that Candace would be able to drive well when quickswapped into.