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Inspiration Field Buff Duration

By: Comfy Seaweed#3841 Added: 11/22/2020

Theory: Bennett's Ult (ATK buff) refreshes every tick (estimate around 1 second). This means that the ATK buff may persist for awhile after swapping the character out, but will not stay throughout the duration.


Xingqiu's sword damage with no Bennett's Ult: 286 (no crit), 900 (crit) Xingqiu's sword damage with Bennett's Ult: 500(no crit), 1576 (crit)

We can see in the video that after swapping Xingqiu out, the ATK buff remains for a short while and then expires, even though the active character remains in the AOE. Swapping back to Xingqiu gives him the buff again.

This means that the ATK buff does not persist throughout the duration of Bennett's Ult, but instead refreshes.


Although probably not too significant, you may want to use Bennett's Ult before Xingqiu's Ult, so that the first (or first two) wave of swords have the ATK buff from Bennett.

Knockback Protection Interaction

By: sacstanxiang#7439 and Novaa#1006 Added: 12/1/2020

Theory: Active shields and Xingqiu’s Orbital Swords prevent Bennett Charged E knockback.


Xingqiu’s Swords: (sacstanxiang#7439)

Active Shield: (Novaa#1006)


Prevent knockback and maximise DPS

Bennett Hold E Counts as Self Damage

By: Sir_pick_the_prick#2209 Added: 5/25/2021 Discussion

Finding: Despite Bennett's level 2 e being damageless, when under the effects of xingqiu's sword shields, holding e for the full duration bursts a sword.

Evidence: Video

Significance: Dont hold E for its full duration under Xingqiu's rainsword, or you'll lose a rainsword instance.

Gauge Units of C6 Infusion

By: Sayline#5959

Finding: If C6 is enabled, auto-attacks infused with pyro have 1u worth of pyro application. *1u (or 1 gauge unit) is the Keqing Mains theorycrafting standard for elemental auras. *1u is about 9.5 seconds, and 2u is about 12 seconds. 4u auras exist, but only on Beidou.


with Bennett:

with Zhongli:


Knowing this allows us to know which units to pair with C6 Bennett in order to reliably proc Vaporize or Melt.

We want to have an elemental trigger that has more GUs than our elemental aura, so the pyro infused auto will always Vaporize/Melt.

Duration of C6 Infusion

By: nekomimi#3842

Theory: C6 Bennett pyro infusion time when you step out of it is roughly 2 seconds.


Significance: Stepping out of a C6 Bennett Fantastic Voyage field has a left over pyro infusion effect of roughly 2 seconds. Meaning that even if you are outside of it, you have that window to chase after an enemy and still have your weapon infused.

Noblesse Oblige (2) Interaction

By: Cenpi#3224

Theory: Can 2pc Noblesse Oblige Boost the Party ATK Buff from Bennett Q


2 Set Noblesse Oblige (+20% Elemental Burst DMG) does not affect the amount of ATK received from Bennett burst. Please watch the 2 linked videos.


Video 1: No artifacts

Video 2: 2 NO

Bennett Q and C6 Buff Self Application

Bennett Q buff and C6 Pyro DMG Bonus applies on its own damage calculation

By: Zeitraffer#1074 and Charliex3000#9403 Added: 2/19/2021

Theory: Bennett’s Q Buff and C6 Pyro DMG Bonus should apply on its own damage calculation.

Evidence: Using a damage calculator, we estimate the damage dealt by Bennett's Q if the Q buff and Pyro DMG bonus from C6 is applied. We see that the value estimated is within the permissible error margins of this test and proves that his buffs do apply.

Calculations: Stats Page: Talent Page: Constellation: Floor 7 Test:

Significance: For Bennett Main DPS, Bennett himself will buff his own Q.

Bennett Burst Coop Mechanics

By: Crow | WL8 #1761 Added: 4/15/2021

Finding: Bennett's attack buff prioritizes the burst that applied the attack buff first. This means that even when two Bennett bursts overlap, the attack buff that was applied first will remain.


Significance: In the case of coop with multiple Bennetts, be sure to time your bursts so that the Bennett that applies the highest attack buff places their field first.

Bennett C4 Gauge

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Discussion Added 6/2/2021

Finding: Bennet's C4 applies 1A of Pyro.


Bennett Field Linger

By: Asaki#9139 Added: 6/7/2021 Discussion

Finding: Bennett's attack buff lingers for a bit after the visual of the circle fades away.


  • Clip 1: The Burst visual has disappeared, Xingqiu runs over and he still has Pyro status applied to himself. DMG is 32k

  • For reference, Clip 2 has Xingqiu in the same setting without Bennett buff, who deals 20k in this instance

Significance: Better understanding of Bennett Burst mechanics

C6 Bennett pyro dmg bonus in coop

By: Neptunya#8291 Added: 07/10/2021

Finding: The 15% pyro dmg bonus from Bennett C6 doesn't stack in coop when inside multiple Bennett fields.

Evidence: Video Discussion

Conclusion: Neptunya's coop dreams of 4 C6 Bennetts rolling through overworld have been shattered as soon as they were born. Just like Turbo died on 4/20, so will the 420th PR for the TCL be a tragedy.

C6 Bennett Pyro Damage Bonus affects Catalyst and Bow-wielders

By: bloodreign616#4766 Added: 08/19/2021 Discussion

Finding: Bennett C6 Pyro Damage Bonus affects Catalyst and Bow-wielders

Evidence: Video Video Both Amber and Lisa stat details display 15% Pyro DMG Bonus after entering the field of Passion Overload, and display 0% after exiting.

Significance: Bennett's 6th Constellation would appear to be a mistranslation, or otherwise not work as stated, and increases not only Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-wielding characters' Pyro DMG Bonus by 15%, but Catalyst and Bow-wielding characters' as well.