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Basic Yoimiya Mechanics

Attack Attributes

  • Gauges - xf3#3123
    • Level 1 Charged Shot: 1A
    • Level 2 Charged Shot: 1A
    • Kindling Arrows: 1A
    • Pyro-infused NA: 1A
    • Charged shot during Niwabi Fire-Dance: 1A
    • Burst initial hit: 2B
    • Aurous Blaze Explosion: 1A
  • Energy Generation
    • Charged shot during E does not produce particles - Steph#3614
    • Yoimiya's particle generation triggers on-hit (ICD estimate is ~2s) - Steph#3614
    • Yoimiya can still produce energy even after infusion expiry as long as the icd is off CD and the infused normal attack string arrow lands - Steph#3614
  • Kindling Arrows
    • Yoimiya's Kindling arrows last around 2.5 seconds, don't drop off like regular arrows, and have auto lock aiming at a semi wide range. - xf3#3123
    • Yoimiya's kingling arrow can trigger a second overload if shot far away enough, because Kindling arrows travel long enough to bypass the 0.5s ICD of overload - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Yoimiya can have all three Kindling Arrows up after Niwabi Fire Dance ends, so long as the required charging time is met. - nat#4502
  • Yoimiya can consistently trigger fall damage utilizing overload reactions. - Bobrokrot#0111
    • You have to trigger all 3 overloads across her NA string to do this, otherwise she can miss the target. Results may vary for other electro applicators.
  • Yoimiya's auto-aim range for her normals is around 6 tiles (~15.3 meters) - nat#4502
  • Kindling arrows can home in on different targets. - Mcpie#8672
  • Kindling arrows have a limited range. - Mcpie#8672
  • Kindling Arrow tracking is curved making it possible to orbit around targets. - Ravantier#4984

Kindling Arrows Interaction with Amos' Bow

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 11/11/2021 Discussion
Findings: Kindling arrows are affected by Amos' Bow's passive, and it is very easy for Kindling arrows to gain all 5 stacks because of how slowly they move.
Significance: Increases Amos' Bow value with a CA-oriented Yoimiya playstyle.

Skill Mechanics

  • Her infused arrows follow standard ICD - Artesians#0002
  • Yoimiya's Skill is Multiplicative - Ayzel#7399
    • Yoimiya Damage (2090)
    • 2089 * 1.12 * 0.5 * 0.9 * 2.552 * 1.5879 * 0.4901 = 2091 (difference explained by hidden rounding from game)
      • 2089 = attack
      • 1.12 = 1 + damage bonus (0.12 from bow)
      • 0.5 = enemy defence multiplier
      • 0.9 = enemy resistance multiplier
      • 2.552 = crit
      • 1.5879 = normal ATK damage bonus from T9 Niwabi Fire-Dance
      • 0.4901 = talent multiplier of T6 N1

Burst Mechanics

  • Burst doesn't snapshot - xf3#3123
  • Burst follows standard ICD (3-hit/2.5s) - ProfHugo#6478
  • The initial hit of Yoimiya's Burst is an arrow, and can miss. - Aluminum#5462
  • Yoimiya's burst elevates her character position. - Ori#5463

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Tricks of the Trouble-Maker

  • Yoimiya's A1 passive can last up to 3s after E expires. - Mcpie#8672
  • Stacks gained from Yoimiya's A1 do not have independent durations, each Normal Attack hit will refresh the duration of all stacks to 3s. - Mcpie#8672 and nat#4502
  • Viridescent Hunt's passive does not affect Yoimiya's A1. - Mcpie#8672
  • Gaining stacks will cause the orbitting sparks from Niwabi Fire-Dance to increase in brightness. - nat#4502


Niwabi Fire-Dance's Blazing Arrow and Yun Jin's Cliffbreaker's Banner

  • Yoimiya's Niwabi Fire-Dance's Blazing Arrow DMG increase does not increase Yun Jin's Cliffbreaker's Banner bonus. - Sheet - NZPIEFACE#8439


  • Yoimiya is also one of the few characters whom NPC will cheer for when using elemental skill. - itskhoi#0013
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