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Guoba CDR Interaction

By: miliana#9407 Added: 04/18/2021

Credit to Risuke#6743 for suggesting the idea.

Finding: 4TF Xiangling and C2 Chongyun can result in 2 Guobas being deployed at the same time.

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDHZhkOwGk8

Significance: It's possible to get 100%+ guoba uptime on Xiangling using 4TF. This also shows that there is nothing in the game preventing multiple Goubas from being summoned. This is unlikely to ever be optimal, but that wasn't the point of testing this.

Xiangling Burst Movement Interaction

By: ganjo#1859 Added: 04/19/2021

Finding: The hitbox of Xiangling's ultimate can hit more than once per rotation by manipulating self and enemy positioning.


12 ult hits when standing still against ruin guard (no hitbox extensions)

15+ ult hits when enemy extends their hitboxes and some small movement

15+ ult hits when using charged attacks to displace ult

Dashing through with ultimate changes clockwise rotation to anti-clockwise on some hits (first hit notably in below video)

Significance: It is possible to significantly boost the total damage of Xiangling's ultimate (>25%) by moving in specific patterns and utilizing enemy hitboxes to get more hits in per ult.

Pyronado Only Applies 1U To Cryo Regisvine Shield

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 6/21/2021 Discussion

Finding: Xiangling's pyronado applies only 1U to Cryo Regisvine's shield over it's duration.

Evidence: Video Download

Significance: Don't rely on pyronado alone to destroy Cryo Regisvine's shield

Hutao and Xiangling Vape

By: Ayzel#7399 & friends Added: 6/26/2021 Discussion

Finding: With both Hu Tao and Xiangling in the same team utilizing Xingqiu to reverse vaporize their attacks, Xiangling will trigger reverse vaporize on 60% of her pyronado hits, while Hu Tao will trigger reverse vaporize on 23.5% of her N1 attacks, 49% of her charged attacks, and 59% of her Blood Blossom Hits.

Evidence: Google Sheets (By Isu) Google Sheets (By yuna)

Significance: Can be used to calculate Hu Tao/Xiangling dual pyro teams and their efficacy compared to other teams.

Guoba Self Applies Pyro

By: Terrapin#8603 Added: 6/25/2021 Discussion

Theory: In line with previous evidence that was non-conclusive, it appears that Guoba actually does apply Pyro to himself whenever he attacks. If you time an AoE Anemo ability with his flame attack, it will cause a Pyro Swirl off of Guoba.

Evidence: Video

Significance: More information about how Guoba mechanics work, and a more precise explanation of why Guoba can cause Pyro Absorption in Anemo Bursts.