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Amber Ult Targeting

By: CM#0970 Added: 12/16/2021 Discussion
Finding: Amber's Q likely does not land randomly in certain pre-determined areas. It is suspected that any enemies standing in the outer zone of Amber's Q are hit a random number of times (not fixed).
The exact mechanic is guessed to be as follows:
  • 8 arrows with damage radius of 2.6 will fall randomly along a circle 2.6 units away from the center of the Q
  • 10 arrows with damage radius of 2.6 will fall randomly in a circular area between 0 to 2.6 units away from the center of the Q
As such, anything outside of 2.6 units from the center (so approx. half way) is expected to get hit a random number of times, with closer to the edge being lower in the number of hits
Specifically in the f1 video:
  • The slime at the very edge is barely touching amber's Q, and is hit 6 times. The outer edge AoE system as described by the theory hunt can be thought of as circle AoEs entirely enclosed within the circle of Amber's Q, and fixed to center exactly 2.6 units away from the middle of Amber's Q, as Amber's Q was described to have a radius of approximately 2.6 x 2, and each of her outer-edge AoEs land in a circle of 2.6 radius from the center of her Q.
  • The odds of this slime being hit randomly by entirely enclosed AoEs within Amber's ult 6 times out of 18, especially considering that 10 of the arrows have the entire inner circle of 2.6 to land in that would miss this outer slime, is close to 0.
There is another example of this happening in 4c, when one of the slimes jumps in halfway through ambers ult, and with barely any of its hitbox entering her AoE, is struck 3 times

C0 Amber: 2 Simultaneous Baron Bunnies

By: Exuma#1917 Added: 6/17/2021 Discussion
Finding: Two Baron Bunnies can exist simultaneously on C0 Amber.
Evidence: Video Test was done on Floor 1 of the Abyss with a 4-piece Gambler set.
Significance: It is possible to spawn multiple Baron Bunnies at once without C4 Amber.

Baron Bunny's aura

By: Aluminum#5462 Added: 5/6/2021 Discussion
Finding: Baron Bunny is allowed to have a hydro or cryo aura, as well as be frozen. In the former case only environmental effects may apply the hydro aura. Most reactions function properly on this aura, notable crystalize, swirl, superconduct and shatter. It is not known how one may apply a pyro or electro aura to the Bunny, and the author could not find a way for the bunny to be electrocharged.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Baron Bunny may be used as an entity to hold certain auras.

Amber Burst Overload Consistency

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 5/23/2021 Discussion
Finding/Bug: Amber ult with full EM gear vs Electro Hypostasis can sometimes deal 3 large chunks of damage due to Overload reaction and sometimes 4.
Significance: The random arrow distribution in Amber's burst makes the reaction potential of her burst as the trigger very inconsistent.

Amber C1 & C2 damage

By: elijam#7142 Added: 08/07/2021 Discussion
  • Amber’s C1 damage instance is considered CA damage.
  • Amber’s C2 damage instance is considered skill damage. / Baron Bunny snapshots.
Evidence: Testing done by Peekays#2722 and minah#0853 Damage increases with 4WT bonus - Video and Video
Testing done by minah#0853 Damage increases with 2gambler bonus, and does not increase when 4NO buff is activated after skill cast but before detonation - Video
Significance: Damage calculations and rotation considerations for Amber
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