Baron Bunny's aura

By: Aluminum#5462 Added: 5/6/2021 Discussion

Finding: Baron Bunny is allowed to have a hydro or cryo aura, as well as be frozen. In the former case only environmental effects may apply the hydro aura. Most reactions function properly on this aura, notable crystalize, swirl, superconduct and shatter. It is not known how one may apply a pyro or electro aura to the Bunny, and the author could not find a way for the bunny to be electrocharged.

Evidence: Video

Significance: Baron Bunny may be used as an entity to hold certain auras.

Amber Burst Overload Consistency

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 5/23/2021 Discussion

Finding/Bug: Amber ult with full EM gear vs Electro Hypostasis can sometimes deal 3 large chunks of damage due to Overload reaction and sometimes 4.


Significance: The random arrow distribution in Amber's burst makes the reaction potential of her burst as the trigger very inconsistent.