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Day 1 Yanfei Findings

C6 Yanfei Stamina Consumed Reduction

By: bbwalrus#8456 Added: 2021-05-06 Discussion
Finding: Yanfei's charged attack stamina consumption is reduced by 15% per seal. Yanfei's C1 makes each of her seal reduce stamina cost of her charged attacks by and additional 10%. Her C6 allows her to have an extra 1 seal for a max of 4. 4 seals, each giving 25% stamina reduction each results in her charged attacks not costing stamina. Video proof attached, first charge attack with 0 seals consumes stamina and causes bar to appear, second charge attack with full seals after gaining them through Yanfei's e does not.
Evidence: Video
Significance: With a play style heavily centered around charge attacks, Yanfei's C6 allowing her to have 0 stamina cost per charged makes her C6 very useful.
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