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📄️ Lyney

A famed Fontainian magician who possesses great stage presence as well as gift of the gab. Audiences are enthralled by his exquisite skills, and they hang on to his every clever word.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame data - YouTube , Google Docs - @kolibri._.
  • Snapshot -
    • Grin-Malkin Hat created by Prop Arrow snapshots on creation. - YouTube - @luno_

Attack Mechanics

  • Lyney's Prop Arrow from his Charged Attack can hit multiple enemies grouped very closely together. - @anoddmedium
    • YouTube - 100% CRIT Rate (Slingshot); Prop Arrow = 18629

Skill Mechanics

Burst Mechanics

  • Lyney can not lose vertical height during the Grim-Malkin Cat state, allowing him to fly for a short duration. - YouTube - @soul_fish
  • Lyney's Burst gives him 50% Damage Reduction - @f99shi
    • Imgur - Solo

    • Imgur - With Xingqiu (proof that its additive with other sources of Damage Reduction)

Ascension Mechanics

Constellation Mechanics


  • Amos' Bow and Slingshot interaction with Grim-Malkin Hat's Pyrotechnic Strike is as follows. The bonus is calculated as if the charged attack was fired the moment Pyrotechnic Strike was launched (regardless of Lyney's Prop Arrows). If Elemental Skill was being used to detonate the Grim-Malkin Hat, the time is counted as 0s. - @bobrokrot
    • Level 60/60 (no A4 passive) Lyney with no DMG% bonused was being used. A quick calc shows that, in these particular tests, Pyrotechnic Strikes were considered as being flying between 0.3-0.4s.
    • YouTube
  • Lyney's Charged Attack that drains HP does not get it's own 12% Crit Rate stack of Marechaussee Hunter - YouTube - @chronopolize
  • Lyney's Pyrotechnic Strike can trigger Beidou Burst's coordinated attacks if he is on-field - - @chronopolize