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Basic Thoma Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • When you gain shield from Thoma Q while E shield is up, it retains E shield HP while refreshing duration - Nass008#8577

Thoma Shield Mechanics

By: Latiwings#3308 Added: 2021-12-30 Dicussion
Finding #1: Thoma's Shield Strength gain from his A1 doesn't persist on swap.
Evidence: Imgur
Significance: Shield management. This discourages doing normals/stacking on Thoma before swapping.
Finding #2: Thoma's E counts as A1's condition to stack Shield Strength.
  • Q > E (1 stack): Imgur
  • Q > N1 > E (2 stack): Imgur
Significance: If you are keeping Thoma on field, doing Q > E > 4 normals is enough for max stacks.
Finding #3: A. Thoma's E refreshing the shield for Burst does not make it lose Shield Strength, it keeps those stacks (While it might be obvious, this is actually the direct opposite to Zhongli, whose refresh reverts his shield strength to 0). B. However, losing it even tho Q is up and resets it all the way to 0 (in hindsight, this one is more obvious than above but since I already recorded it I'm throwing it here for extra clarity).
Significance: Shield management. In Thoma's case, refreshing his shield has no particular loss as opposed to Zhongli.
Extra Notes: In regards to C6, every time the shield gets refreshed during his Burst, the timer on the buff gets refreshed. Confirmed by jstern25#1399

Burst Mechanics

  • Thoma Q can proc mid-animation - Nass008#8577
  • Thoma Q duration can be extended with hitlag - w/o hitlag w/ hitlag - Nass008#8577
  • Thoma Q can be used with Kazuha to double VV - jstern25#1399
  • Thoma Q can be triggered by Raiden's attacks during her Elemental Burst - Nass008#8577
  • Fiery Collapse does not auto-target. The direction is according to the last orientation of the active character when AA is clicked. - Poiyo#3488

Constellation Mechanics

C1: A Comrade's Duty

  • Some anemo abilities can activate Thoma C1 - D.....K
    • Reliable: AMC hold E/Q, Sayu hold E
    • Unreliable: Kazuha hold/tap E, Q, Sucrose Q, AMC tap E
    • Cannot activate: Sucrose E, Sayu tap E, Sayu Q
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