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Basic Mechanics

Attack Attributes

  • Gauges - Neptunya#8291
    • E Tap: 1A
    • E Hold: 1A
    • Q: 2B
  • Energy Gen - Steph#3614
    • Tap E: 1~2 (1:1)
    • Hold E: 2~3 (1:1)
  • Eula Shatter Test - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Blunt Attacks: E tap, E hold, A1, Q activate, Lightfall Sword
    • Not Blunt: Icewhirl Brand

Skill Mechanics

  • Grimheart stacks persist on switch. - Your Ally#6976
  • E Hold and Icewhirl Brands don't share ICDs, but multiple Icewhirl Brands do share the same ICD. - denmax#9293

Burst Mechanics

Lightfall Stack Mechanics

  • Lightfall stacks are independent of enemies hit, meaning hitting multiple enemies will not net more stacks compared to hitting one enemy. - Faranight#0001
  • The initial hit of Eula's Q does not grant a lightfall stack. - ColaSenami#6861
  • Charged attacks don't grant lightfall stacks. - Some Missionary#8340
  • Confirmation that lightfall stacks cannot be gained when hitting abyss mage, wooden, and geo shields, because stacks are only gained on damage. - nat#4502
  • Lightfall stacks are not gained when the Lightfall Sword lights up and is about to explode. - Eko#6090
  • NA multihits, Hold E Icewhirls, and A1 sword remnant all individually add 1 Glacial Illumination stack. Every damage instance adds one Lightfall stack. This means that Eula's third normal attack, which hits twice, will add two stacks, as will her fifth. Eula's held elemental skill, when it triggers base damage, two icewhirls, and an A4 trigger, will add four Lightfall stacks.- Greyhound#7836
N1 x3
N2 x2
Hold E (1 Grimheart)
Hold E (2 Grimheart)
N4 + N1
N4 + N2

Ascension Mechanics

  • Eula A1 scales with Q talent level. - Greyhound#7836
  • Eula A1 is considered Elemental Burst damage and is buffed by 2NO. - Greyhound#7836

Constellation Mechanics

C1: Tidal Illusion

  • Whenever you consume a Grimheart stack, no matter the amount of stacks consumed, Eula's Physical DMG is increased by 30% for a base of 6 seconds + 6 per Grimheart stack. - Sonickid15#1738
    • So 1 stack is 12 seconds and 2 is 18 seconds

C4: The Obstinacy of One's Inferiors

  • Eula's C4 is an additive damage bonus and applies to both A1 and Burst. - Striss#0557

Broken Pines Synergy

  • Broken Pines attack speed increase between R1-R5 does not increase your stack count with optimal combos. However, it does make your combo timings a lot less strict and comfier. - Artesians#0002 and Sitri#9504
    • Test was done with an Attack speed increase abyss card (Video lost to the sands of time)
    • Also checks out with math

Burst Mechanics

Eula Swap Buff

By: Sir_pick_the_prick#2209 & Senovit#8237 & Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-14 Discussion
Finding: Eulas burst does not snapshot even after she is swapped offield, allowing for the opportunity to apply team buffs after Eulas ult is used but before it hits (23 frame window) , thus increasing Eulas ult damage. This applies to 4no, rosarias crit buff and certain users of 4tom
Signficance: Allows for better burst cycles.

Eula Burst Buffs Catalog

By: Artesians#0002 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Theory: Some buffs for Eula need to be tested to ensure that they work within her Alt-Swap + LFS timer. TTDS, Rosaria A4, and Bennett are some of the biggest buffs that needed to be tested. Similar to Eula Swap Buff, but the buff goes before Glacial Illumination Cast.
Evidence: Rosaria A4: Video Bennett Q: Video TTDS: Video Bennett Q + Lisa A4 + 4NO: Video Eula one-shot rotation (Bennett, Zhongli, and Lisa): Video
Significance: Cataloging Eula's buffs will be helpful for TC'ing possible one-shot rotations.

Eula 15 stack bug

By: GOKU#8808 Added: 2021-07-05 Discussion
Bug: At high ping Eula's elemental burst does not properly lock stacks in on time, allowing for 15 stacks to be possible at C0.
Significance: Eula is stronger under high ping.

Eula Burst Animation Cancel

By: TWICE#9958 Added: 2022-04-24 Discussion
Original Credit: Concept by frenchtutor_ on YouTube.
Finding: By holding down walk (W) during Eula's Burst animation, you are actionable ~4 frames earlier compared to not holding it down.
All testing was done on 2.5 Abyss 12-3-1 at 60 FPS (in game and in recording). Eula has Song of Broken Pines, but the buff is not in effect. You can verify this both with the timer (too soon) and the fact that Sigils appear in the NAs after the Burst. Results over 10 trials each: the Burst animation takes 116-117 frames if inputting walk, and 120-121 frames if not.
Significance: The sweatiest of gamers can save up to ~4 frames of Eula's initial Burst animation. This gives a sliver of more leeway in building stacks for Eula's Lightfall, and for spacing out Eula's A1 and second N4 sequence. In the vast majority of cases/reaction times, there will be a negligible difference.


  • Shenhe E applies A4 buff fast enough to buff Eula's Lightfall explosion via the "swap trick".
  • Video - TWICE#9958

Rosaria A4 Eula Burst Inconsistency

By: TWICE#9958 Added: 2021-01-10 Discussion
Finding: The duration of Rosaria's A4 buff does not consistently last to the end of Eula's burst (Lightfall explosion).
Game setting at 60 fps, recorded in 60 fps.
In each of the videos, the rotation is Rosaria Q > Eula Q N4 hold E N4 (pop). Alt-swap is used for Eula's burst. In the first two videos, we see that Rosaria's A4 burst does not last through Eula's Lightfall sword popping while using Rainslasher. However in the TCL, there is evidence that Rosaria's A4 burst can last through the pop. Both the currently-submitted videos and TCL video have a stable ping of roughly 50 ms. When tested using R1 Song of Broken Pines (which has an attack speed buff), A4 lasted through the pop.
Significance: Rosaria's A4 on Eula's burst is inconsistent at best, and should generally not be assumed to apply when calculating team rotations. This changes with attack speed buffs (e.g. Song of Broken Pines, Jean C2), as Eula also has ample time to swap "early" after the second N4 to trigger the explosion while the A4 buff is still active
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