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📄️ Mika

A young knight born to an ordinary family. He serves as a Front-Line Surveyor in his Company. He is a low-key and cautious character.

Basic Mechanics


Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • The Rimestar Flare has to hit an enemy to spawn Rimestar Shards. - @casdela, @edisonsmathsclub - YouTube , YouTube
  • As long as Mika's hold Elemental Skill aiming ring visual touches an enemy's hitbox (not necessarily have to touch the model), it can lock on to said enemy, even if players aims at the ground or slightly to the left or right of target. Also the Rimestar Flare can auto aim, and can track down locked-on enemy as long as player releases Mika's Elemental Skill while the enemy's hitbox still touch the aiming ring. - @casdela
  • Mika's skill autotarget aims for the target, and not necessarily the head, even if aiming at it. - @bobosawr - YouTube
  • Mika's skill can hit weakspots, however his aim is quite bad. - @bobrokrot - YouTube , YouTube
  • Detector stacks carry over to other teammates after you swap to them. (Also note that A4 takes into consideration any crit hits, not only crits from normal attacks.) - @bobrokrot
    • Mika's E crits and gives a Detector stack, swap to Eula and she has 10% phys bonus. - YouTube
    • As such, doing Burst > Skill compared to Skill > Burst is slightly more beneficial for Mika due to a chance to gain a Detector stack earlier (so that your Physical dps starts attacking with the Physical DMG Bonus).

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

Constellation Mechanics


  • Mika's Physical DMG buffs (Detector stacks) and C6 Physical CRIT DMG buff only affect the active character and are lost either immediately or within a very short time frame (<40 frames) after swapping. Mika's hold Skill does not generate shards in Single Target, so his A1 also does not give any Detector stacks in Single Target scenarios. This caps his DMG buff at a maximum of 10% before C2, and 20% on or after in Single Target.
    • Video credit to @isilas: YouTube

    • Sheet: Google Docs

    • In both the video representation (number) and sheet damage comparison, you only get 2 Detector stacks - one from A4 (Crit with both Mika Skill and Burst active, Eula has 100% CRIT Rate in video), and one from C2 (initial hit of hold Skill). No Detector stacks are gained from A1.

    • Therefore, to utilize Mika's buffs, your character must be active (on-field). There is either no or not enough linger to buff Eula's Lightfall explosion if triggering via swap. Mika requires multiple targets to utilize his A1 passive.