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Burst Mechanics

Talisman Healing Conditions

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 04/23/2021 Discussion


Qiqi's Talisman will heal characters attacking the target to which the talisman is applied as long as the damage dealt to the target is a) based on the attacking character's stats and b) dealt by a character which is currently on-field.


[Video] Environmental Damage doesn't heal

[Video] Off-field character damage doesn't heal on-field character

[Video] Off-field characters don't heal if they do damage

[Video] On-field character (Jean) healing with Aquila Favonia passive


Shows how Qiqi's talisman interacts with sources of damage.

Talisman Does Not Snapshot

By: Dooners#6709 Added: 09/22/2021 Discussion

Finding: Qiqi healing from applying talisman is dynamically based on current atk, and cannot snapshot atk buffs

Evidence: Qiqi baseline healing: Youtube Qiqi buffed healing amount (Sara feather): Youtube

Unbuffed: 2598 hp healed Buffed by Sara: 3365 hp healed Buffed and wait for bonus to wear off: 2598 hp healed

Significance: The timing of applying the talisman does not matter at all, all that matters is how much atk your character has when hitting the enemy


Qiqi driver frame counting

By: Sir_pick_the_prick#2209, Nass008#8577, denmax#9293, Creepah#9480 Added: 09/06/2021 Discussion


Qiqi's Frame counting as a driver: 1. N1CW, N1CD, N2CD: Speadsheet 2. N1CJ, N2CW, N2CJ, N2J: Speadsheet

Off-field-trigger counts: 1. Fischl:

Significance: For future Qiqi guide.