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Kamisato Ayaka

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📄️ Kamisato Ayaka

Daughter of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan. Dignified and elegant, as well as wise and strong.

Basic Mechanics

Normal Attack Mechanics

Ayaka CA Hitscan

By: Knospmoht#9211 , Mcpie#8672, LittleFox#0906, Greyhound#7836
Added: 2021-08-09 (v. 2.0)
Last tested: 2021-08-09 (v. 2.0)

Theory: Ayaka's CA have a unique hitscan mechanic and is not technically an AoE attack. If an enemy is visible within range on the single first frame of ayaka's CA, she will create a gadget on said enemy. This gadget has various properties:

  • First: The gadget will stick to the target, following them even if running outside her range.
  • Second: After a short delay, all enemies inside the gadget range will be targeted for a hit. (Exact range and height unknown)
  • Third: The gadget is dynamic in the sense it can move along side with its tagged target.
  • Fourth: The gadget will only be created if an enemy is within range/ triggers it, meaning Ayaka's CA range without an enemy to tag is much shorter than previously assumed, as only an initial cut is created without the gadget.


Significance: Knowing how Ayaka's Charged Attack works can help players come up with strats for specific situations to maximize damage output.
For example, the gadget is smaller than Geovishap's large collision box which means that even though they're standing side by side, they cannot both be hit by Ayaka's CA. However, if the Geovishaps are Frozen while clipped inside one another they can both be hit.

Ayaka CA Conclusion

By: wiremash#0433
Added: 2021-09-05 (v. 2.1)
Last tested: 2021-09-05 (v. 2.1)

Ayaka's charged attacks do not necessarily do full damage. After a short delay, all enemies (no known exceptions so far) within (still unknown) range get hit. The enemy detection occurs 3 separate times for each of her 3 slices i.e. it scans for enemies to hit 3 separate times.


  1. Enemies are not guaranteed to take full damage.
  2. Enemies can exit the AoE prematurely and take less damage.
  3. Enemies can enter the AoE late and still take some damage.
  4. The gadget is "dropped" the moment the damage starts, meaning it does not stick to the marked enemy for the entire duration (only sticks till enemies start getting hit) and stays at the position it was last at.

Ayaka's charged attacks are the first to work in a special way, as follows: When Ayaka starts her CA:

  • First: A hitscan occurs for enemies in a radius around her after the NA is over.
  • Second: After selecting an enemy (closest target or random?), Ayaka will spawn a gadget that locks onto that enemy and follows them regardless of her normal range.
  • Third: After a brief period, this gadget will stop following the enemy and do an additional 3 hitscans, one for each hit.
  • Fourth: A cut with a hitbox will be spawned for each enemy in range of the hitscans. This cut has a hitbox that can hit multiple enemies, but there is an ICD between each cut doing damage to the same enemy. If an enemy leaves the gadget's range while it is still performing the hitscans, the enemy will not be affected by the remaining hitscans. Conversely, the remaining hitscans will affect any enemy that enters the gadget's range even after it has started.

Knowing how Ayaka's Charged Attack works can help players come up with strategies for specific situations to maximize damage output. For example, the gadget is smaller than the Geovishap's large collision box which means that even if they're standing side by side, they cannot both be hit by Ayaka's CA. However, if the Geovishaps are Frozen while clipped inside one another they can both be hit.

Because the gadget stops following the enemy when it begins its hitscans, it may also be worth waiting for enemies to finish being pulled in by characters such as Venti before using her charged attack. This helps to prevent damage loss by ensuring the hitscans start inside the vortex and not on an enemy that's still being pulled in.

In addition, because enemies can exit the hitscan area early, using her charged attack right as an enemy is about to jump, dash or teleport away can also result in potential damage loss.

Ayaka’s CA hitscan also has negative vertical reach.

By: Asaki#9139
Added: 2021-12-21 (v. 2.3)
Last tested: 2021-12-21 (v. 2.3)

Finding: Apart from being able to reach enemies above Ayaka’s ground level (due to Venti’s lift, or Jean’s CA, etc.), Ayaka’s CA can also reach enemies below her ground level, thanks to the mechanics of her subsequent hitscans from the initial one.


  • YouTube
    There are timestamps in the comment if you want to skip quicker or instantly replay but the whole video was an attempt at recording this.

  • It’s important to note that only the subsequent slashes have this property. If the initial hit does not register onto an enemy, the following slashes will simply appear at around the same vertical height Ayaka used to be right before the animation of the subsequent slashes start. As seen here (provided by Nass008#8577) when she falls down, a few of the secondary slashes hit:


  • Overworld fluff: Being lifted by Albedo’s elevator may not be as devastating, if you decide to pair them up. One of these scenarios can happen:
    a) N1 spawns hitscan, locked on, Albedo suddenly lifts, initial slash still hit (prolly in the head or sth), subsequent hitscans spawn around the first slash as the current CA gadget theory suggests, everything else still gets hit by the CA. No video evidence on this currently.
    b) Ayaka is already lifted, Venti’s ult is right in front, but there’s exactly one enemy right on the ground that can’t be picked up. The height range is definitely shorter than the cliff so it’s guaranteed to hit.

  • These evidence suggests that the subsequent (or secondary) hitscans cover a larger AoE compared to the initial scan (check torch). If someone else can properly investigate the AoE width of the subsequent hitscans, it’d be much appreciated.

Skill Mechanics

  • Energy Generation: 4~5 (1:1) particles per E - Daybreak#0584 and Steph#3614
  • Ayaka's E has a vertical hitbox that can reach a Ruin Guard's weakpoint. - 2ri#0945

Burst Mechanics

  • Ayaka's Burst is 20 ticks of damage - Sitri#9504
    • 19 ticks of Cutting DMG
    • And 1 tick of Bloom DMG at the end
  • Ayaka's Burst snapshots. - JenjenJL#6582
  • Ayaka's Burst stays in place against...
  • The vertical hitbox is tall enough to hit Oceanid Birds - Lowy#0119

Ayaka Q Pushes Away Enemies

By: Tsym#2586
Added: 2021-10-17 (v. 2.2)
Last tested: 2021-10-17 (v. 2.2)

Upon cast, Ayaka Q pushes away all nearby enemies. It appears through several tests (see video), that the extent to which enemies are pushed away are dependent upon their weight and/or their size. Light/small enemies are pushed away the most, and heavy/big enemies are pushed away the least (relative to the size of their overall hitbox). There also appear to be some instances where enemies are not pushed away at all (see the last clip), which I believe can occur when enemies are stuck within an animation.

Two additional notes about the pushing effect:

  1. The distance of the pushing effect appears to be lessened if the enemies are pushed against the wall (see the first clip), so you can stand a little ways away from the wall so small enemies aren't pushed as far.
  2. The pushing effect occurs equally in all directions away from Ayaka's character model, so you really don't want to stand in the middle of a pack of enemies while casting her Q. Repositioning to one side is generally a better idea.


Better understanding of Ayaka Q's mechanics to land more hits from her Burst.

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Blizzard Blade Seki no To

  • The two additional Frostflake Seki no To formed can hit the same target. - HailCorporate#2970
  • The additional whirls share ICD with the main one. - Phana#0420

C6: Dance of Suigetsu

Dash Mechanics

Ayaka Dash Iframe

By: aui#3690
Added: 2021-09-17 (v. 2.1)
Last tested: 2021-09-17 (v. 2.1)

Alternative dash and typical dash have very similar if not exact same i-frame mechanics.


Alt and typical sprint i-frame mechanics are extremely similar, many people likely thought that alt dash i-frames were shorter than before due to alt dash animation changes in 2.0