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Day 1 Findings

  • Rosaria's E is 1A cryo on both hits and has no ICD
  • Rosaria's Q applies 1A cryo on every damage tick with no ICD
  • Rosaria's crit bonus from her A1 is included in her A4 crit sharing
  • Rosaria's A1 crit bonus doesn't apply if you use her E while already behind an enemy

Ascension Mechanics

Passive: Night Walk

Rosaria's passive doesn't work in the Serenitea Pot

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-08-11 Discussion
Finding: Rosaria's passive does not work in serenitea pot (even after manual time switch to night time).
Evidence: Overworld: Clearly faster - Imgur Serenitea Pot - Imgur
Significance: Another evidence that the Serenitea Pot behaves similarly to Domains in game.

A1: Regina Probationum

Rosaria's A1 passive vs. Perpetual Mechanical Array & the Hypostases

By: Nass008#8577 Added: 2021-08-07 Discussion
Finding: Although Hypostases and Perpetual Mechanical Array don’t have obvious distinction between front and back in terms of visual, Rosaria can still activate her A1 passive (12% crit rate buff) by hitting them from certain angles.
  • Video In this clip I cast Rosaria E twice against Cryo Hypostasis in the same DPS window. The first E failed to activate A1 while the second E cast from opposite direction was able to activate it.
  • Video This clip contains two separate attempts of hitting Cryo Hypostasis after they performed the rolling attacks. In the first attempt, I hit them from “behind” and successfully activated the passive. In the second attempt I hit them from opposite direction and couldn’t get the buff.
  • Clips of Rosaria getting A1 buff against other bosses: Anemo Hypostasis - Video Electro Hypostasis - Video Geo Hypostasis - Video Pyro Hypostasis - Video Perpetual Mechanical Array - Video
Significance: Rosaria can take advantage of her A1 passive against the aforementioned bosses by the correct positioning. Which can be useful especially when these enemies appear in harder contents such as Spiral Abyss/Event Domains.

A4: Shadow Samaritan

A4 Stacks with External Sources of CRIT

By: The Immersive Fish#9373 Added: 2021-04-09
Finding: Rosaria's Crit Rate Sharing is influenced by other direct Crit boosters.
This has been tested to work with Hu Tao's A1 and Geo MC's C1.
Diona : 29.9% Rosaria A4 : + 8.8%
Diona w/ Rosaria A4 : 38.7% Diona w/ Hu Tao A1 : 41.9%
While the Hu Tao boost is active, Ulting with Rosaria increases Diona's CR to 52.5% meaning that Rosaria's A4 is giving Diona 10.6% CR. This is an additional 1.8% CR when compared to the crit sharing uninfluenced by Hu Tao.
Significance: This confirms that anything which influences a characters crit stats found in the details tab will influence the Crit Sharing which Rosaria offers

Constellation Mechanics

C6: Divine Retribution

Rosaria's C6 Debuff Refreshes on Hit

By: Zendaju#3064 Added: 2021-04-15
Finding: Rosaria's C6 debuff is also triggered by the DoT on her burst.
Evidence: Video
Significance: The description is misleading, and you can actually maintain 100% uptime on this physical resistance shred.


Pale Flame on Rosaria

By: Monado#9922 Added: 2021-05-01 Discussion
Finding: 2 stacks of the Pale Flame 4 piece set effect cannot be achieved by 1 use of Rosaria's skill despite the skill being 2 hits (probably because the 2 hits are within 0.3s), and requires back to back usage to achieve the full 4 piece effect.
Evidence: Youtube Also hitlag on Mitachurl shields wooden and geo still only grants you one stack per skill use.
Significance: This makes 4 piece Pale Flame stacks somewhat difficult to maintain for carry Rosaria with, since her skill CD is 6s and Pale Flame stacks last for 7s.
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