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📄️ Shenhe

An adepti disciple with a most unusual air about her. Having spent much time cultivating in isolation in Liyue's mountains, she has become every bit as cool and distant as the adepti themselves.

Basic Mechanics


  • New frame data - Google Sheets - Kurt#5846, Kolibri#7675 & Xreejan#1180
  • New Burst frame data Google Sheets - Kolibri#7675
  • Deprecated frame data - Google Sheets - TWICE#9958
    • Q: 75 - Video - CC#5588
  • Gauges - Video - CC#5588
    • Tap E: 1U
    • Hold E: 2U
    • Q Initial: 1U
    • Q DoT: 1U
  • ICDs -
    • NA: Standard. - Video - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Q: Intiial Hit and DoT have separate ICDs. DoT is standard ICD - Video - CC#5588

Skill Mechanics

  • Particles - Video - CC#5588
    • Tap: 3 (-)
    • Hold: 4 (-)
  • Quill Stacks are Calculated as Additive Base DMG Bonus - Video / Calcs - CC#5588
  • Initial Tap E Factors in her A4 - Video / Calcs - CC#5588
  • The Skill Itself Consumes Quill Stacks - Video / Calcs - CC#5588
  • Multiple usages of Shenhe's E only refresh Icy Quill stacks and its version of A4 buff duration
  • Icy Quills are Dynamic - Video - CC#5588
  • Shenhe's Quill stacks can get dynamically added onto ongoing/existing snapshotted abilities - Video 1 / Video 2 - Moonrobin#2608
  • Anemo Abilities with Cryo Absorbed Consume Quill Stacks - Video - CC#5588
    • Additionally, Cryo Swirls don't consume Quill Stacks
  • When you trigger Quill procs on a snapshot ability, it uses the snapshotted stats. - Video - tenten#1010
  • Shenhe press E does not have hitlag - Video - TWICE#9958
  • Shenhe tap E is capable of escaping Mirror Maiden's cage. Hold E however, is not - Video - Mcpie#8672
  • Icy quills are used up even if no damage is dealt to an enemy when they have a shield - Video - ꀍꏂꀤꌚꏂꈤꌃꏂꋪꁅ#4332
  • Icy quills increase the damage dealt to shields by around 15 to 20% (excluding Cryo) - ꀍꏂꀤꌚꏂꈤꌃꏂꋪꁅ#4332
  • Using Shenhe's Hold E on an explosive barrel doesn't get her knocked back - Video - Sincronic#3171
    • It makes her immune to all staggers and knockbacks

Shenhe E has no ICD

By: daibangden2460#8410
Added: 2022-01-21 (v. 2.4)
Last tested: 2022-01-21 (v. 2.4)

Shenhe does not have ICD.

Evidence: Video / Video #2

Quills Don't Work on Balloons

By: Sincronic#3171
Added: 2022-03-09 (v. 2.5)
Last tested: 2022-03-09 (v. 2.5)

Shenhe's quills don't work and aren't spent when attacking commission balloon with Cryo.

YouTube video

Understanding of quill mechanics.

Burst Mechanics

  • Cooldown Starts on Q Press | Duration Timer Starts after the Animation - Video - CC#5588
  • Energy Consumption is on Q Press - Video - CC#5588
  • Initial hit is Dynamic. DoT Snapshots. - Video 1 / Video 2 - CC#5588
    • DoT snapshots ATK Buffs and 2-Piece Noblesse but not Shenhe A1
    • DoT snapshots somewhere in the middle of Q animation, not on cast
  • Burst does not have enough i-frames for explosive barrel immunity - Video - Mcpie#8672
  • Shenhe's Burst shred persists 2 seconds after Burst ends - Video - CrazyWeke123#9720
    • Shenhe C2 extends the shred as well. - Video - TWICE#9958

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Deific Embrace

  • A1 is dynamic and changes as the character enters and exits the Shenhe Q Field - Video - CC#5588

A4: Spirit Communion Seal

  • A4 Buff Duration are Independent - Video - Trosalio#0420

Constellation Mechanics

C1: Clarity of Heart

  • The charges refreshes Shenhe stacks based on the latest type of Elemental Skill cast (tap/hold). You do not gain more stacks than the latest cast type cap, nor do you gain more damage per quill. Energy generation does not have a cooldown, so you can double cast consecutively to gain Energy faster. - Video - Sitri#9504
  • The cooldowns of each Skill stack, and it keeps track of the order used. - Video / Video 2 - TWICE#9958
    • In the first video we have hold E > hold E. There is a 15s CD that starts with the first hE, then a full 15s after that for the next Skill use. In the second video we have hE > press, which shows the 15s CD > 10s CD.

C2: Centered Spirit

  • The Cryo damage bonus from Shenhe's A1 and CRIT DMG buff from her C2 linger a bit after her Burst animation ends. - Video - TWICE#9958

C4: Insight

Shenhe C4 Mechanics

By: Zamo#6399
Added: 2022-02-21 (v. 2.5)
Last tested: 2022-02-21 (v. 2.5)

Shenhe E consumes a Quill, however the first E cast does not give the initial E a C4 stack and instead counts towards the next E; C4 stacks are gained after the damage has been dealt and not before.


Better understanding of Shenhe's C4 mechanics.


  • Shenhe E applies A4 buff fast enough to buff Eula's Lightfall explosion via the "swap trick". - Video - TWICE#9958


Oscillation Tests on Prominent Body Regions of Shenhe's Model from Various Attacks

By: CC#5588
Added: 2022-01-04 (v. 2.3)
Last tested: 2022-01-04 (v. 2.3)
Basic Mechanics Discussion

These slow-motioned clips show that Shenhe's Gluteal Region does not exhibit oscillation after doing any of her attacks, dissimilar to Eula. Meanwhile, the Pectusculum Region manifests this phenomenon with almost all of her attacks with the exception of her N5, although this could be an error on my part with my visual analysis and/or camera positioning. Timestamps can be found in the video description.