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📄️ Layla

A Rtawahist student who specializes in Theoretical Astrology. Heavily prone to somnambulism and locked in a grinding war with sleep deprivation, the problem of restful slumber is a most troubling one to her.

Basic Mechanics


Skill Mechanics

  • Layla has a 30% chance of making 2 particles per proc, and a 70% chance of making 1 particle (based on 71 procs). More testing would be useful to determine if it's actually 33.333% - Zakharov#5645
  • If Layla casts her E while there is a Curtain of Slumber active, either from CD reduction or reset, the new shield won't reset the stars gained but will extend them. - emmaus#9072
  • Certain characters, if used correctly, can "use" an Elemental Skill twice so that Layla generates extra Night Stars. - Bobrokrot#0111
    • Yelan: releasing E after holding it is considered as another Elemental Skill use.
    • Sayu: pressing E again after holding it.
    • Tartaglia: manually exiting from melee stance.
    • Fischl: repositioning Oz.
    • Mona: E can be canceled but still be considered as skill use.
    • Keqing: counts twice when the double tap version is used, but the Charged Attack version only counts once. - Char11#6024
      • It seems that Layla's shield gains stars on the actual action of pressing the E button.
      • It is also possible to throw out Keqing's Stiletto first, then switch to cast Layla's E, then switch back to recast Keqing's Skill for 1 count of Elemental Skill.
    • Skills that do not count as extra skill uses: parries (Beidou, Yun Jin, Candace), Nahida hold E, Anemo MC hold E.
  • Layla's stars, from both her shield and Burst, will always target the nearest entity. If they start shooting and you move out of range of a target, the remaining stars will fly to the last target that was in range. - Targeting behavior and range - Target Range behavior - Target change - emmaus#9072

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Like Nascent Light