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📄️ Wriothesley

Duke of the Fortress of Meropide, Lord Incognito of the murky depths.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame data - Google Docs - @caramielle. (Videos in sheet)
  • ICD, gauges - Video - @soul_fish
    • All attacks are 1U, CA no ICD, NA standard ICD, Burst applies 2 instances (standard ICD)

Attack Mechanics

  • Wriothesley's CAs are blunt - Video - @itslin
  • You can dragonstrike off Wriothesley's N3 - Video - @tartigglez
  • At higher attack speed levels, using E after N1 will reset the NA sequence if you time it a certain way, pretty reliably without macros. - Video Video 2, slower execution

Skill Mechanics

  • Wriothesley's enhanced NAs and CA can generate particles and heal by hitting gadgets - Video - @f99shi
  • The Chilling Penalty state from Skill does not generate particles if you go below 50% HP - Video - @shampoobrain
  • Wriothesley's CAs can still generate particles even below 50% HP - Video - @tfr_
  • Particle generation cooldown is 1 every 2 seconds - Video - @soul_fish

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

Constellation Mechanics